Say hi to the new guy

The PistonHeads editorial team has been a little under-manned of late so it's great to announce we're back up to full strength and welcome Alex Robbins to the PH fold.

Alex joins us from Performance Ford magazine but his allegiances go a long way beyond the blue oval and luxo-barge cred is assured with ownership of an E39 5 Series. Though not actually compulsory for his job, does actually run a Ford Puma too. Eyebrows were raised with his admission of 'a bit of a thing' for Citroen SMs during his interview (rest assured there was a bit more to the recruitment process than discussion of dream garages...) but his tastes are clearly eclectic and diverse and we'll look forward to finding out more in due course. He's been banned from buying an MX-5 though.

So, as he unpacks his new pencil case and finds out where the tea room is, please extend a warm PH welcome and look forward to hearing more from him over the coming weeks and months.



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  • fatboy18 21 Nov 2012

    marmite monster said:
    a windmill ,beard,e39 this guy has it all
    Not quite .....
    Flat cap and Pipe seem to be missing!

    Welcome Sir biggrin

  • masermartin 21 Nov 2012

    Good luck, chap!

  • z4chris99 20 Nov 2012

    good luck new guy.

  • Dr Imran T 20 Nov 2012

    I've come into this a little late, but nevertheless - welcome to the fold Alex.

    I am looking forward to some more technical articles smile I think the audience here on PH are a reasonably technical bunch so don't hold back!

    I must say you've also taken a lot of this banter with good humour. I am sure a lot of comments on here will be 'water of a ducks back' for you.

    Best of luck.

  • Scrof 20 Nov 2012

    Yes, the commute is... fun. Still, third time lucky, as they say!

    Mark - I ended up spending two hours picking gravel out of the suspension and brakes after an abrupt exit backwards at Paddock early on in the day. Other than that, it was good fun!

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