PH Carpool needs you!

PistonHeads Carpool has had a bit of a break of late but it's time to wake it up and get PHers sharing their cars with the rest of the community. And here's your chance to do just that!

Mad about your car? Share it with PHers!
Mad about your car? Share it with PHers!
The formula is very simple. If you want to share your love for your car with fellow PHers you just drop us a line to explaining why you think your car is worth shouting about.

So what are the entry criteria? Well, that's the beauty. There are none! It doesn't matter whether you drive a supercar or a shed, if you think PHers will be interested the door is open to all-comers. We'll simply ping you a quick Q&A to fill out, you fire it back with some pics (at least one of you with your car please!) and we'll post it up. Bear with us - if we get flooded it may take us a little while to get back to you but we'll get round to you eventually! Quality pics, an interesting history or back story and truly passionate owner are what we want - other than that it's open to all!

Below are some examples from the past few months to get you inspired! We look forward to hearing from you...

PH Carpool classics from the archive:
PH Carpool: Ferrari F40
PH Carpool: Saab 900 Carlsson
PH Carpool: Lotus Scura
PH Carpool: Renault Clio 200 Gordini
PH Carpool: Jaguar XJR
PH Carpool: Hawk Stratos
PH Carpool: Range Rover Evoque
PH Carpool: Morgan Aero 8





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  • e21Mark 26 Oct 2014

    Any interest in E30 M3 or BMW 1600-2?

  • The Crack Fox 10 Oct 2012

    tommy vercetti said:
    DaveH23 said:

    You listening....

    I hope he writes one
    He'd love the attention.

  • Captain Muppet 10 Oct 2012

    Would there be any interest in an MX5? Or an Elise?

    Too cliche PH to be of interest.

  • M3John 10 Oct 2012

    GTRene said:
    maybe I could, but I can't handle all the critics boxedin

    but its a special car with a interesting history in the time it was still in possession of the owner and builder (car manufacturer & tuner) , they only build one (worldwide) it was their show car and also test car for their engine's (3 sorts from which 2 engine's also came in the Ascari Ecosse) over those first few years until they sold this one off car in 2002.

    so I stay low. getmecoat

    but hope that others have more power to show their "loved" ones.
    Rene please do. This is exactly what carpool is all about and after experiencing your car back in 2007/8(?) at the Nurburgring I'd encourage you to write one up even more !

    I actually plan to do write my own up at some point - once I might add, when I find a flameproof suit in my size. smile

  • T1berious 10 Oct 2012

    At this point I wish I still had my Corrado VR6 frown

    Edited by T1berious on Wednesday 10th October 08:57

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