Porsche 911 Turbo (997): PH Carpool

Name: Pete
Car: Porsche 997 Turbo
Owned since: February 2013
Previously owned: E92 M3, SEAT Leon x2, Merc 230E

Decals aren't likely to stay the course
Decals aren't likely to stay the course
Why I bought it:
"When I was little I promised myself a Ferrari when I was 30. As I grew up, the Ferraris I wanted became far too expensive so I needed something realistic.

"I was addicted to racing games when I was little and one of my favourites was Need for Speed Porsche Challenge. This started the desire to obtain a Porsche but only one with 'GT' or 'Turbo' on the rump.

"After spending the winter looking for the correct spec, I had all but given up. The car had to have adaptive seats, an LSD, manual, PCM3 and be any colour apart from black! My brother found my car sitting at a Ferrari dealer just outside Munich. The following day an appointment was made and I embarked on an 800km round trip to view the car."

What I wish I'd known:
"Virtually all my research was done here on PH. There was a lot of good advice given as I was torn between a GTS and a Turbo. A combination of the advice on here and a lot of help from my brother convinced me that the Turbo was the way forward.

"I also used some German forums and some based in the USA but they were generally for modifications, wheels etc."

The ideal supercar, whatever the weather
The ideal supercar, whatever the weather
Things I love:
"The speed and handling. After having a chance to drive my old M3 again it felt very disconnected and huge when compared to the Porsche. Early Sunday morning blasts along the Autobahn have been fun as well as driving through the local hills in Hessen. Although the noise is much maligned, I like it. From inside there is a lovely mechanical chatter that is totally different from the M3 and I find it loud enough in tunnels. I also like the reception the car gets. People point, wave, take pictures and always come up and chat when I'm filling up which I am still getting used to, although on my first trip back to the UK last weekend I was given the 'coffee beans' whilst driving along."

Things I hate:
"Hate is a bit too strong. I didn't like the standard wheels at first but they have slowly grown on me. Practicality is very good but not as good as it could be (according to my girlfriend!). Having to own the car for three months before having the Porsche Guarantee is a bit unfair. The whole nonsense with regard to wheels and tyres is a bugbear but dealers are a lot more lenient in Germany. I also dislike the 'Turbo' script written down the sides. I know it is 'iconic' but I don't think it suits the 997 model. It will be coming off in the summer when I have some paint correction done and a clear film added."

Interesting conditions for a first drive
Interesting conditions for a first drive
"So far costs have been reasonable and no more expensive than the M3 was. My local garage in Hofheim (I doubt many PHers use them) is very good and the service personnel are all Porsche nuts who love track days. Insurance was eye wateringly expensive compared to the UK."

Where I've been:
"Nowhere yet, but I have two track days at the 'ring coming up and then Spa in September or October for two days. I am going to try and do a couple of days in the UK this summer too.

"The first drive was memorable. Starnberg to Garmisch only using the back roads after a very large dump of snow and then the Autobahn back to Starnberg. Everything was going well until I lost boost about 10 minutes from my hotel!"

What next?
"I don't know really. If I can then either a Ferrari 360CS, MP4 12C, or a practical car (RS6, etc) and what I really wanted but was vetoed by my girlfriend as an only car, a second-gen GT3 RS in blue with gold accents."


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  • MartiniBianco 08 Aug 2013

    Thanks for the information smile

  • Barry38 08 Aug 2013

    Your car looks amazing and is one of my dream cars.

  • AMG Merc 08 Aug 2013

    MartiniBianco said:
    Alright, thanks.

    Just to satisfy mu curiosity, how much (roughly) would a 2 year warranty cost on a 4 year 997 Turbo?
    I'm only going from memory but I recall something like £1800 plus the cost of a 111 point check so a little over £2000

  • MartiniBianco 08 Aug 2013

    Alright, thanks.

    Just to satisfy mu curiosity, how much (roughly) would a 2 year warranty cost on a 4 year 997 Turbo?

  • vinnie83 06 Aug 2013

    AMG Merc said:
    vinnie83 said:
    I think that if you buy a used Porsche, they won't allow you to renew the warranty (unless it's from a main dealer of course) until you've owned the car for 3 years. This is to stop non official dealers being able to offer cars with full warranty.

    This is what I read on here previously - cannot comment on how accurate it is.
    Yes, if you want to buy a 12 or 24 month Porsche warranty to cover your used car (which you purchased elsewhere) then they won't let you sign up for three months. However, if you buy a used car from them they will include the same warranty wink

    If you do go for said used warranty then they also ask you to pay for a "111 point" inspection first and if anything needs fixing you pay for that before they switch on the warranty. And, if you've non stock exhausts, lights, etc. they take them all off (at your cost - replacement parts + labour) first to take the car back to stock standard - lots of rules them Germins!

    In the end I didn't bother and all good so far!
    We didn't bother either for 3 years. Until I had one of the only gearbox failures they have ever heard of from the tiptronic box. Faced with a huge bill, that Porsche eventually agreed to pay a large proportion of, we decided that we would get a warranty here onwards!

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