Chris Harris video: GT2 RS vs Panigale part 2

The rolling convoy of Porsche GT2 RS and Ducati Panigale runs the risk of not feeling part of the normal, human world. Both are so effortlessly fast that large quantities of self-control are needed to stop both rider and driver becoming the protagonists in some non-virtual racing game whose consequences are rather more serious than anything Codemasters has invented.

Round two - fight! And away they go...
Round two - fight! And away they go...
Hold the Porsche’s throttle down to its stop for more than four seconds, at any speed, and you’re potentially in trouble. It’s even worse on the Panigale. So we ferried them sedately* from our meeting place to Bruntingthorpe, whereupon we set about shooting part two of this little tussle.

Part one ended with a resounding victory for the bike at Santa Pod, but I felt certain that above 140mph the car stood a good chance of redeeming itself.

We had to use a Panigale S this time, because the Tricolore’s exotic exhaust was louder than a Lightning.

It’s a short vid, but I hope you like it.

*Is this possible?


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  • Hobo 23 Feb 2013

    996ttalot said:

    If you are reading this we will lend you one of our 9E20 Porsches - it would crush that bike at Brunters. Ran yesterday at Brunters with 225mph on dash and 213.7gps.

    Ken at Nineexcellence.
    Was looking to see it 'Part 3' had been done as yet & ended up looking at this thread.

    Noticed the post above, and obviously the Porsche would destory the bike above 150, but upto this speed would be a distance behind.

    For comparison, the Panigale does;

    0-60 in 2.98s
    0-100 in 5.59s
    0-150 in circa 11.00s
    0-177 in circa 18.00s

    As such, it would appear to be simply the case that the bike would pull ahead quickly, where it would remain until it hit its limiter at 177/178mph, at which point the car reels it in.

    IMO, that isn't 'crushing' it at all, merely has a quicker top speed.

  • Killboy 13 Nov 2012

    Awesome video. Results hardly surprising. My Adventure bike is more than capable of dispatching some pretty serious machinery (M3s etc) on a 1/4m (thats like an M being taken by a Land Rover tongue out ), but after that doesnt have much left in it. Now, sports bikes are in another league all together.

    Bang for the buck, bikes are just incredible.

  • Grovsie26 13 Nov 2012

    off_again said:
    Mmm, £200,000 Lambo vs a £25,000 Ducati.... fair fight?

    It's for fun dude. It's a motorbike. Whats fair about 200kg and 200bhp. geesh lighten up.

    It would be really fun to go with a bike vs car race for the same money wouldn't it, let me see, Ducati vs BMW 320d with extra's?

  • Mr Whippy 13 Nov 2012

    xRIEx said:
    Mr Whippy said:
    That makes sense.

    But if it actually accelerates faster at higher speed in a higher gear, the torque at the wheel must be higher, so the propensity to lift the front wheel must be higher too.

    As said, I can only gather than this means the bike would be even faster than we see in that video if he'd got the nose back down and opened it up biggrin

    But instead, it was fast enough even with the front wheel up, and looked cool hehe... biggrin

    I think that was a big assumption by the previous poster, I've not seen anything to support that.

    A bike is more likely going to want to wheelie when opening the throttle at lower rpm than peak torque (i.e. while torque is rising); for example, my R1 would try to lift on full throttle before 7K, but if you opened it up after passing that it would just propel you towards the horizon with the front wheel on the floor (on a quick dyno chart google, the torque curve is fairly level from 7Kish to 9Kish, where peak torque is produced).

    Just for interest, this chart shows thrust curves for a 1098R and a Honda Fireblade in respective gears:
    Without seeing the throttle vs time plot I guess we can only speculate what was going on in the video.

    I've not actually dragged the footage into a program to manually log the speed vs time but it certainly looks like it's putting on speed faster in the 140-180mph region than it was in the 100-140mph region with it's wheel up.

    I can only guess then that the wheel was up for drama, because if it was up through sheer moment arm response to contact patch torque, it'd have been doing it just as much at 140-180mph biggrin


  • off_again 13 Nov 2012

    Grovsie26 said:
    Id like to see the bike against a lambo aventator. Those things launch like a beast, on autocars test it blasted the gt2 rs into the weeds, would be a bit closer i feel from standing start lol.
    Mmm, £200,000 Lambo vs a £25,000 Ducati.... fair fight?


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