Chris Harris video: GT86 vs 370Z vs Cayman

The debate as to whether the GT86 is fast enough rolls on. I think it's indicative of how we have recently become addicted to unnecessary levels of straight-line performance that we think a car which does 0-60mph in 7.4sec (Autocar figures) is plain slow.

Enough power? To enjoy yourself, yes
Enough power? To enjoy yourself, yes
I spent a day driving it around the UK and not once did I think it needed more power. Not given the balance of poke and chassis balance. Right now, it's so sweet it seems a shame to spoil it. I'm sure a turbo will make it mentally sideways and dip into the fives to 60, but that would be a different type of car.

The rivals? The recently overlooked Nissan 370Z and the German curve-ball, otherwise known as a used Porsche Cayman S. The idea being quite obvious: see just how much the GT loses against the Nissan by being over 100hp down, and answering those echoing forum voices who look at the cost of these new toys and yell, incessantly, "You can get a used Porsche for that kind of money!"

Where's your money going?
Where's your money going?
Indeed you can. But it doesn't have a five-year warranty.

We drove motorways, dual-carriageways, a well-known three-sided configuration of Welsh roads - pretty much every road type an owner could hope for - and reached a conclusion that included observations, among others, concerning the '86's freakishly impressive fuel-consumption.

You'll have to watch the vid to find out more.



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  • Unreal1066 27 May 2013

    When Chris talks about yaw in a rear wheel drive car, Toyota has a history of this in their great MK2 MR2 it wasn't particually fast (170+ BHP It was modded) but you could feel the car move around and that made it thrilling at lower speeds needed on British A and B roads. Yaw is thrilling!

  • Sewa 20 Sep 2012

    Great discussion; I read all of it, began yesterday...

    Here are my 2c: I test-drove both the BRZ and the GT86. They do not drive the same. What is being said about their suspension setup seemed very distinguishable to me. While, the BRZ has heavy and precise steering (it drives like a kart really) the GT86 dances around a bit. Whether you like it or not depends or your definition of fun. At a motorway exit (that I happen to know) it all did not feel very confidence inspiring, something I got used to in my BMW and I also found in the BRZ.

    So it would be the BRZ for me...

    ...or perhaps not. Other things, like engine sound and the interior left me a bit wondering. Right after driving the GT 86 I sat in my e93 330i. Someone earlier said that his car would feel like Bentley after the GT86. I can say pretty much the same. Engine note, sound insulation, interior, all these things are simply lacking on in Toyotabaru and I think I'd miss them. That very thought had me terrified as, after all, I wasn't perhaps the kind of petrol-head I thought redface

    Anyway, I still may consider the BRZ if the dealer makes a good offer for my beemer. We have two cars so I can live with BRZ compromises (BTW I test drove it with my 2 year old daughter in the back). I love its steering, the seats, driving position and the unique look. Subaru dealership is also light years ahead of BMW customer care who seem to be primarily concerned with fleet clients these days. As for power, I find it adequate north of 5000rpm.

    However, if I can't trade in my beemer at acceptable conditions, then at some point it will be a 2.7 Boxster for me smile

    Edited by Sewa on Thursday 20th September 22:35

  • 370ZTheWorx 14 Sep 2012

    Great vid. Love the GT86, very tempted by one just for the fun factor. Cayman will never appeal I'm afraid - vowed never to own a Porsche! Love my 370z at the moment though...

  • xRIEx 29 Aug 2012

    otolith said:
    The GT86 has a lower centre of gravity than the S2000. You can say that these things are insignificant,
    Just to back this point up, I believe the Boxster has a superior skidpad performance to the Cayman simply because the CoG is lower. I would imagine the engine's lower CoG would similarly improve handling.

  • otolith 29 Aug 2012

    Besides, most of the whining about the car is about the shape of the torque curve, the S2000 engine is just as bad in that respect.

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