Chris Harris video: Porsche 962

The Porsche 962 was the most prolific sports car racer of the 1980s. It dominated Group C and IMSA, and cemented Porsche's reputation as the maker of the most robust prototype racers in the world.

Pressure? What pressure?
Pressure? What pressure?
This is the car that won Le Mans in 1987. I wrote about driving it up the hill at Goodwood earlier this year.

A taste of its performance was always going to be frustrating, so I asked the question you shouldn't really ask: "Can we drive it properly please?"

The reply came a month ago. Yes, we could drive the car at Weissach, Porsche's own test track. This was both good and bad. Perfect for story synergy because this is where the 962 was developed. Bad for personal and professional safety because there is literally no run-off around most of the lap.

Adding to an already perfect itinerary, the Porsche Museum which prepares these old cars, said it had invited Norbert Singer along. If you're a student of Le Mans, that's like being told you're going to watch the local cricket team and discovering I.V.A Richards will be opening for the opposition.

And if that wasn't enough here's the bloke behind it
And if that wasn't enough here's the bloke behind it
His CV spans 30 years of Porsche Motorsport success, beginning with the 917 in 1970. Should the 2014 return of Porsche to top-level prototype racing bring victory, it will be the first without Herr Singer involved.

I won't say much more. Days like these don't come very often, and we've all experienced the disappointment of meeting heroes who don't fulfill the expectation. The 962/Singer combination exceeded everything I could have hoped for.

Enjoy the vid.


P.H. O'meter

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  • CTrickle 02 Oct 2012

    HDM said:
    CTrickle said:
    Hi All,

    Another great video, really are becomming my highlight of Thursdays!

    I have a techie question, what are the vents on the rear axle that look like standard car suspension turrets. Looks like they vent the discs or wheel bearings or what!?

    I think they are the cooling ducts for the rear discs, i think the air was directed in and down from a naca duct on top of the body, done this way so there was no intrusion into the ground effect tunnels each side of the car, however, happy to be corrected.
    Thank you very much, too much worship and not enough disscussion going on!


  • Chr1sch 01 Oct 2012

    Fantastic! Great vid as ever and what a car!!!!

  • Martin 480 Turbo 01 Oct 2012

    Obviously Mr. Singer liked being asked the right
    questions by a proper journalist and I liked
    the vid for providing the answers, even if they
    might not be of any use soon. So I for one am
    willing to except it as form of expiation for, hm
    you know, that other thing that happened. We will
    not speak of it anymore... wink

    The lack of drifting was well received on my part, too.

  • Donkey62 30 Sep 2012

    Crikey a real proper interview and article on PH done without usual pub bs of irrelavent off topic irrelavent troll feeding, well done CH very well done sir!

  • MogulBoy 30 Sep 2012

    Tell us more about the spool...

    Are we talking about an single axle/driveshaft connecting both rear wheels? With that, plus the ground effects; running straight down the Mulsanne at 400km/ph might just have been the most 'relaxing' part of any given lap.

    I wonder if Daur put a diff in their road version?

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