SOTW: A trio of karts

Family fun is what this time of year is supposed to be all about (we'll not argue here about the semantics of whether or not that's actually true - that's a whole other discussion). And Shed is not one to shirk away from festive fun and frolics with all the family, especially if we can shoehorn in some petrol-related entertainment to the proceedings.

But Shed's motoring-based Christmas fun is nothing dull and indoorsy. Oh no. Not for Shed the whizz of the Scalextric. Or even the patio-based radio control car. What we have for you (provided you have a relatively small family), is the possibility of an entire full-sized race.

Well, full-sized in as much you can fit actual people in them, because our Xmas special SOTW is the opportunity to shake-off that turkey-induced stupor in not one, not two, but three two-stroke karts.

Two of these, the vendor reckons, are 100cc-engined adult karts, which means that they should be capable, depending on gearing, of 0-60mph in around six seconds, and a top speed of roughly 80mph. The third is a children's cadet kart - most likely fitted with a 60cc Comer engine and still potentially capable of around 60mph.

They're not quite 'get in and go', mind. One of the adults' karts needs its brakes bled and a couple of bolts for the steering, while the other needs a new rear axle fitted (though a new one comes with the sale). The cadet kart, meanwhile, is in need of a new pull chord...

Once you've surmounted those *cough* minor obstacles all you need to do is find somewhere suitable to drive them, and get hold of the relevant safety clobber. Though that might just put you a little over Shed's £1k budget limit. But what a way to settle family disputes. And to find out just how handy a wheelwoman Great Aunt Gwen is...

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Here we have my karts up for sale as i simply don't have the time to use them, they need a bit of work but do run fine and are great funFirst kart is a Wright chassis, not sure on age, I think it's a 100cc, comes with an electric starter, needs brakes bled and a couple of bolts in the steering but other wise complete and running and in good condition

Second is a Biesse Shadow chassis with widend axles, I think this is a 100cc as well, this one is a push start, needs new rear axle fitted (comes with two spare axles one being new)this kart is in very good conditionThird is a Kadet Tony Kart chassis with a Comer pull start engine, very tidy looking little kart in need of a new pull chord and comes with spare wheels and tyres and some spare sprokets in various sizes.

They come with spare wheels with wets and vega slicks, some rear sprokets, bead breaker, two paddock stands one of which is new, both are wheeled versions I am looking for £1000 for the lot, I may px for a car, bike or something intersting

Part exchange
Car, Bike, Quad OR WHY

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  • UK952 30 Dec 2011

    There is some video here of johnny Herbert in a 100cc direct drive kart after his big crash at brands. I love the fact he describes it as getting back into something quick. Pretty sure the start of the program showed him climbing out of an esprit turbo which was pretty quick at the time for a road car.

  • UK952 29 Dec 2011

    Indeed, we have a couple of old 2 strokes we do practice days where, me my brother or nephew can chase each other or the clock. We can buy used tyres, and run gearing slightly longer than optimum to extend the engine rebuilds with lower max rpm. A lot of fun and performance. Direct drive and no electric start, but when the adrenaline is flowing can usually manage a restart on my own. Has any tried o.e of the rotary (wankel style) engined ones, they look mighty.

  • Capita 26 Dec 2011

    Karting is awesome.

    Real karting that is and not this pro kart stuff but I'm afraid all this rotax max and electric start beaularx is after my time.

    I used to race 89 -93/94 (ish) in Junior britain, senior britain, 100 national / formula A/ intercontinental A. I remember distinctly putting a rod through the front of the casing near the end of the straight at clay pigeon on a reed valve Atomic that revved to +21k ......backwards into the tyres = water all over a spanking hot motor with I though had gone up in flames with the steam/smoke tongue out

    As other have said, Karting costs money if you have any aspirations of getting remotely close to the podium even at semi decent club level. New tyres per meeting although at first this probably wont be needed till you get the near to the pace, engine rebuilds, wet tyres (a couple of sets to have decent wets, scrubbed wets + rims for them all, chains, sprockets and then theirs the motors themselves - you'll be looking at close to half a dozen for a meeting with your top spec motor for the finals, and your next spec motor for heats & spare in case a seize/blow up with a couple for general testing/practices.

    Or you could just do it as cheap as you like with minimal of equipment, go and enjoy yourselves with your family and have a huge grin - although Karting is addictive, propping up the tail end of the grid and taking part wont be fun forever in which case say goodbye to all your disposable income + more!!

    Some fantastic memories of racing Super 1 (British champs back in the day) and some awesome tracks - Rowrah (before the track extension), 3 sisters, shennington, clay pigeon, little rissiington, wombwell, larkhall were some of my faves smile

  • MrDarkBlack 26 Dec 2011

    Crazy Don said:
    You guys are missing the point, the family fun you an have on 3 go-karts is unbelievable. We have 3 cheap chinese 4 stroke gokarts and a dirt track round our 5 acre paddock. We spend hours out there sliding around together as a family and extended family and neighbours, no need for Playstation or the Queens Speech.
    Crazy Don...or can I call you Crazy? I live in London, I don't have a garage, and can't even park in front of my house, as it's a yellow line...

    I would love to have a paddock where I could play on a go cart...but I can't.

    The other point being, SOTW is supposed to be about a road worthy speaking of missing the point... wink

    Merry Christmas! beer

    Here's to a great 2012 SOTWs!

  • TonyF 25 Dec 2011

    Been out on ours today at Rye House for a testing session, bit damp but great fun, me and my son have a Tonykart rotax max each and he fancied a blast out on them before the end of the year.

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