SOTW: Ford Fiesta XR2 Stock Hatch

Ever since being lucky enough to spend a season racing a Caterhamas part of my job, I've been itching to get back to circuit racing. Unfortunately it's an itch I've been unable to scratch, as despite there being many fabulous aspects to this job, vast wads of cash in the monthly pay packet is not one of them.

But cars like today's SOTW do tend to get me checking the finances of the Bank of Riggers in the hope I can scrape the funds for a season's racing.

Okay, so a 96hp Fiesta with the old carburettor-fed 1.6-litre Ford CVH is hardly the last word in high-speed racing technology, but it's got decent suspension, a pukka roll cage, a cobra seat, an alloy fuel tank and upgraded brakes. No doubt it also weighs a fair bit less than a roadgoing version.

All in all we reckon it could be a hoot, especially if you consider that, if you do take it racing, it would be in the 750 motor club's classic stock hatch category, so its relatively humble performance shouldn't prove a problem.

The thing is, for all this talk of racing on a shoestring I know that there is no such thing as cheap motorsport. Yes, the 12-race championship will cost you around £1,850, assuming you already have a racing licence. But you only need to start adding in fuel bills, accommodation, and the inevitable test days to sate the irresistible urge to hone your skills and/or fine-tune the car and the costs soon start racking up. And that's before we talk about tyres, insurance or the consequences of what happens if you bend it.

Race fees, safety equipment and that beguilingly cheap £950 sticker price are but the tip of the iceberg. And yet I still find myself clicking back to the ad and staring longingly at the yellow XR2. So if somebody could please buy the car and move temptation out of the way that would be very kind... Come on, it's only £950...

Ps - Just to pre-empt the comments, we know today's SOTW isn't roadworthy and so bends the rules of Shed somewhat, but we just couldn't resist!

Advert is reproduced below

xr2 Stock Hatch

Has been used for track days for 2-3 years.Could be raced in the new classic stock hatch class,a good budget entry in racing.

Specifcation as follows:-
Full roll cage including door bars and seat belt bar.
Nearly new cobra seat,fire ex.and sparco suede wheel
Alloy fuel tank and facet electric fuel pump and pressure regulator. 
Spax shocks on front,new Gaz shocks on rear,race springs.
Ebc pads and braided brake lines
Engine is strong with good oil pressure,new radiator and a oil cooler is fitted.
Car has been raced and has usual dings and scrapes.
At the price with some tlc and new seat belts,current ones are out of date, you could be on the grid for a real budget season,have a look at 750 Motor Club web site for details

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  • marshall100 07 Mar 2012

    Now that's class. It's how they used to do F1, buy a coach and convert it.

    All sorts of awesome.

  • AdeV 06 Mar 2012

    It's a sad day when someone who calls themselves a pistonhead recommends a scabby old volvo over, well, this. No racing thoroughbred it must be said, but this low-cost low-mods sort of racing always generated the best grids, and some superb close racing.

    Anyone who hasn't actually taken part in a genuine honest-to-goodness circuit race, genuinely doesn't know what they're missing. Nothing can prepare you for the pure adrenaline rush that is a REAL race. Track days, sprints, even hill-climbs, just don't come close. Until you've gone round Lodge corner, on 3 wheels, half backwards, in a last-lap desperate lunge to get past the bloke in front whilst simultaneously trying to stop the bloke behind from getting past, you haven't lived, I say. I imagine the rally boys get a similar sensation when a tree appears out of no-where, right on their projected trajectory, and somehow they miss it.

    Cracking shed, Riggers, well spotted. And just go out and buy one for goodness sakes. It's easier to seek forgiveness than it is to ask permission.

    As for that camping lark. I. Don't. Think. So. I bought this almost before I bought the car:

    See you REAL pistonheads at Oulton Park on the 24th!

  • CDP 04 Mar 2012

    marshall100 said:
    Though for some, the beer bill would have been more than that of racing.
    It can be considerable.

  • marshall100 04 Mar 2012

    Maty said:
    Travelodge!!!! Buy a tent! Part of the fun of going racing is the evenings spent in the paddock with the other drivers, bbq's, beers etc!
    This. My Legnum VR4 made a very spacious motorhome when I raced minimoto's several years ago. Arriving at the track, throwing all my kit out into someone else's awning and then inflating a double matress in the car was the way to do it. Especially at this time of year when my tented friends had the elements to contend with. Fairly certain I spent way more on fuel than I did on anything else for those two years. Though for some, the beer bill would have been more than that of racing.

  • Liquid Knight 04 Mar 2012

    That KA's still at £400 and there's less than twelve hours to go. yikes

    Best of all it's taxed and M.O.T'd so all you trailer boys can jog on. wink

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