SOTW: Honda Accord Type R

'SOTW contender', says the rather cocky headline in the advert for this week's Shed. Ordinarily, this would mean we would dismiss the car on a point of principle - Shed's affection cannot be bought, it must be earned organically, as it were - but our vendor's right, but because this Honda accord Type R looks to be quite a find.

As a lover of Japanese cars in general, and of Hondas in particular, I am personally particularly susceptible to a Type R of any sort, but an Accord Type R will surely draw the eye of any Shed fan, regardless of their disposition towards Oriental metal.

Okay, so it's not the most beautiful of vehicles inside or out, but the 90s repmobiles never were the most stylish of things and besides, it's what's underneath that counts. In this case that's 2.2-litres and 209bhp of screaming VTEC loveliness, and a chassis that was, if not heaped with praise by the motoring press, then certainly admired.

So how come this particular Accord R has ended up in Shed territory, when its brethren are largely lodged in the nation's classified ads at twice or three times the magic £1k? The answer seems to lie with the fact that it's done a chunky 40,000 miles in the past year...

Still, that, and a long list of well-used parts, isn't enough to put us off. As Mr Beemer so eloquently puts it: "At the end of the day, it's a Honda....a Type-R....with nearly 100bhp/litre....and a 9000rpm redline. Seriously, what's not to like? So come on Garlick...Riggers..., make me SOTW!!!"

Okay, we just have... but don't expect us to make a habit of it...

Advert is reproduced below

SOTW contender? Bit baggy, but honest Type-R Accord (2000)
130,000 miles £1,000

Accord Type-R, Silver, 2000 (W), genuine UK car, completely standard. Why so much cheaper than others on here, you might ask?

Well, the old girl's been used for hacking up and down the motorway for the last year (40,000 miles) and it's starting to take it's toll! I paid £3K for her a year ago and think I've had my money's worth, but with fuel at £1.40+ a litre it's time for something a bit more economical (I get just under 30mpg).

These Type-R Accords were really special back in the late 90's when they came out (I had a new one as a company motor in 1999) - much lighter than standard Accords thanks to manual rear windows, no sunroof, basic trim in boot, no trim on doors, etc etc.I remember the handling on my new one as sublime, with the best turn in since my old 205 GTI! This car is not quite as keen as it would have been when new (probably needs a new set of bushes to sharpen it up), but still better than most if not all FWD saloons.

So what do you get for a grand then? Well, here's a list of the bad bits and the reason it's not worth two or three times the asking:

- The engine management light has come on recently (3 weeks or so ago). Looking in the handbook, this refers to an issue with the emissions control equipment, so I'm guessing this might be an issue with the cats? Unfortunately I don't have the time or inclination to sort this out.
- Air con not functioning.
- Front bumper is VERY stonechipped, and has one small crack to bottom edge. Few stonechips to bonnet also.
- One front foglight lens cracked.
- Piece of the plastic undertray below front bumper fell off on our lane last week (it's in the boot!)

- Light behind digital clock kaput.
- Bolsters on drivers seat (Alcantara section) a bit worn/bobbly, although serviceable (and the seats are still the most comfortable I've ever known)
- Wheels scuffed with poor lacquer on most of them.
- Uses a fair bit of oil (which they all do, about a litre every 1000 miles).
- Electric aerial doesn't quite retract all the way in.
- Service history a bit patchy.
- Looks like it might have had a ding on offside rear quarter at some point (evidence: paint match not perfect, bumper alignment, boot shutlines) - although it is HPI clear.
- No VED (runs out end of April).

OK, so is there anything good about it that might appeal to the dedicated shed-hunter on PH? Of course there is!

- Engine and VTEC strong.
- Handling still great (EVO magazine still reckon it's the best front driver ever, and it hates understeer as much as I do!).
- Good tyres all round (Dunlop SP Sport Maxx).
- I've replaced the spark plugs (£48 a set - gulp!), starter motor, battery in the time I've had the car).
- Interior very good aside from slight wear to drivers seat.
- Recaro seats, Momo wheel, titanium gearknob - all top quality!
- MOT to October 2011 (no advisories last time round).

So, yes there are a few things that need looking at, but I reckon this has got to be worth a "bag o'sand". 

At the end of the day, it's a Honda....a Type-R....with nearly 100bhp/litre....and a 9000rpm redline. Seriously, what's not to like? So come on Garlick...Riggers..., make me SOTW!!!

I live down in Devon, but work Tues-Thurs in Bristol so car can be viewed at either location.

Thanks for reading, if you have any more queries please give me a shout. No £600 silly offers please, I can go to Webuyanycash4cars for that kind of nonsense!





P.H. O'meter

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