SOTW: Honda Prelude

There are some things that, no matter how dated they are, will always look like they are from the future. Even if that future turns out not, in fact, to exist. The Sinclair C5 is one such item, the robot from Lost In Space is another. And the fourth generation of Honda Prelude is another.

It is so of its time that it cannot be mistaken for a design from any other era than the early 1990s - and yet even now the Prelude looks somehow futuristic. The swooping dash, the impossibly low-slung snout; it's all just how we thought cars would look now. They don't, of course, and that's part of the appeal - a Prelude seems like a little slice of a future that could have been.

Now that little slice of the Super Nintendo-era vision of tomorrow is comfortably available for Shed money. And it wasn't just the looks of the 90s Prelude that was all hi-tech either. Although the pop-up lights had by now disappeared, the Prelude still featured four-wheel steering and a clever and revvy 2.2-litre Vtec powerplant (in top-spec trim at least). There was even an in-dash telly available as an option for Japanese customers.

These days, 183bhp doesn't sound like all that much from 2.2 litres, but it was still enough to chuck the Prelude along at 140mph, and to reach 62mph from a standing start in 7.1sec, a figure that remains quite acceptable.

This particular example is a full UK car with a decent service history and only 2 previous owners - which is good. Unfortunately, the vendor neglects to mention the mileage - which is (possibly) bad.

More annoying still, somebody has had a mild fiddle around with Honda's original design, fitting a de-cat Remus exhaust system, some aftermarket alloys and an induction system.

The alloys don't come with the car, however. Or rather - they do, but the owner wants another 300 quid for the dubious privilege of owning them, thus pushing the whole thing beyond the thousand-pound reach of Shed. But then we'd probably rather take the original wheels any way...

Advert reproduced below

For sale -

1995 Honda prelude 2.2 vtec in malachite green (Pearl Green)

Fantastic facelift UK car with loads of extras and the famous vtec engine.
For anyone who has owned a honda prelude vtec will know just how fast and reliable they are.
The easiest way to describe the vtec system is like a small turbo boost at 5250RPM - giving you the full 190BHP power!

Features the car has -
- Full LCD dash with the Electrolumiscent Speedo and rev counter
- HKS induction Kit
- New Full Years MOT
- Full Stainless steel De-CAT exhaust with Remus Backbox
- Front Strut Brace
- Upgraded one peice Polycarbonate JDM headlights
- Optional Team Dynamics 17" Shadow chrome alloy wheels all with TOYO Proxes
- Electric Sunroof, windows and mirrors
- Cruise Control
- Power Steering
- 4 Wheel Steering
- Euro Sideskirts
- CD Player

History -
The car is a UK car so easy to insure and has 2 previous owners.
The car has FULL service history and this does reflect in the quietness of the engine and the speed of it.
I have owned many a prelude in the past and this comes up there with the best of them and is easily as fast or faster than a JDM prelude as well.

Bodywork -
The bodywork is in great shape - its the malachite green pearl colour and if you look into the paint on a sunny day there are a variety of colors in there!! - no major marks or dents or scratches either.

They normally suffer with very bad rust issues!! This prelude has none really - very small tiny rust as per the pics and a small amount on the sunroof.
The car is pictured with basically new - 17" Team Dynamic Alloy wheels - all with newish toyo proxes tyres - if you want them with the car they would be £300.00 extra - if not then it will come with the standard alloy wheels pictured all with great tyres as well.

Overall the car is becoming a rare sports coupe - its drives fantastic with a responsive engine and great gearbox.
First to see will buy as its a great example

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  • bobberz 05 Jan 2011

    Doniger said:
    johnpeat said:
    kambites said:
    My legs didn't fit, there just wasn't enough distance between the seat and the pedals, even with the seat right back. I'm only 6' but I do have quite long legs for my height.
    This is a pet interest of mine - how some people seem to be able to fit into cars when others cannot (even tho they're similar sizes).

    I'm 6'5" - longish legs in particular - so my problem is always getting my knees behind the wheel. I cannot heel/toe any car (as my right leg has to bend just to get into the car). I cannot get behind the wheel of a Z3/Z4, most TVRs or a MK1 or MK2 MX5 - and yet Clarkson (same height) drives one across the Middle East!??

    I know part of it is the seating position people prefer - I'm forced to slump in the seat to avoid banging my head AND to get my knees extra room but maybe some people won't do that!??

    Certainly, if I were to insist on sitting in the seat 'properly', there are probably not 10 cars in manufacture I could actually drive!
    I think it's all about leg/torso proportion. I'm 5'10" and my mate is 6'3". I have proportionally long legs, his are proportionally short. So where he sits right up against the steering wheel I sit further back in the same car...but where my head is at about the 'right' height, his head brushes the headlining in most cars and he can look right up over the windscreen of an MX5 laugh
    Yeah, I always thought that it's weird how the first time I sat in a (1st gen) Porsche Boxster, I had to contort myself and couldn't fit, but I can fit fine in a 2nd gen Mazda Miata/MX-5 today. (And when I sat in that Boxster I was probably 5 inches shorter (before I could drive) and at least 60 pounds lighter!) I always attributed it to the fact that the Boxster was mid-engined, so maybe cockpit space was compromised?

    Back on-topic, these 'Ludes are starting to look pretty good, though I didn't like them when they were new. I still don't like the taillights on the 4th gen, but I love the taillights on the 5th gen, however the 5th gen has those strange headlights- arrgh! Can't win.

    What I always thought was funny is how here in America, Civic Type-Rs are regarded like gods (they never sold Type-Rs here), but the Prelude Si had more power, was quicker, and you could buy one at any Honda dealer.

  • anything fast 04 Jan 2011

    they are actually quite good cars and nice looking, but no offense to those who drive them, but every one i see looks like a knackered pile of crap with loads of dents and often being driven by someone who thinks its a prestige motor..but they probably dont even have insurance.. if not that type the max powered junk with giant F1 rear wings glued on... shame.. maybe thats why these cars are worthless nowerdays... good car but will never be a classic.... unlike say a VR6 Corrado, try finding one of those for a grand!

  • nottyash 04 Jan 2011

    stewjohnst said:
    Lovely shed

    Picked up one myself the other week, used to have a Jap import 2.2 Si and wanted to scratch my 90's coupe itch again having stuffed my 535 BM into a hedge headache . Managed to find a UK spec 2.2vtec with 135k on it and FSH. Been having a whale of a time in it, especially amusing having vtec kicking in on the icy roads we've had round here and then trying to wheelspin/torquesteer it in something resembling a straight line.

    Only cost me a grand, so not sure I'll be able to let myself flog it when sensible but dull company Golf Diesel arrives in April frown
    Invest in a induction air filter on ebay. About 30 quid, the noise is incredible over 5000 revs. Well worth it.driving

  • Sam1990 04 Jan 2011

    Lovely cars, took a few 4th gens for a test drive and they were a great drive. Ended up buying a 5th gen as I wanted something a bit more modern, that was back in October and I'm still grinning every time I walk away and especially when I put my foot down.

  • digger_R 04 Jan 2011

    lovely, my first vtak. I bought it on the basis of 1 mile as a passenger for the test drive. Mine did understeer on the limit but it was an 'early' JDM 2WS

    Put a smile on my face everytime and that dash is worth it for the schoolboy in you

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