SOTW: Hyundai Coupe V6

Hyundai, it has to be said, does not have a long or fine tradition of producing sporty cars. In fact, its first attempt with the S Coupe barely 20 years ago was universally considered to be, well, a bit pony (excuse the pun).

But Hyundai has persisted with the coupe theme, and now produces the more-than-not-bad rear-drive Genesis (though we don't get it in Blighty) and has just put the intriguing Veloster hatchback-slash-coupe thingummy on the market.

But between the S Coupe and now, Hyundai's coupe offering was the imaginatively badged 'Coupe'. And unlike the original S it's actually managed to garner a fairly faithful following of enthusiasts, albeit in America, where it is called the 'Tiburon'.

Looking at today's SOTW it's easy to see why it finds fans, too, especially in the US, where badge snobbery isn't (always) so pervasive. It's sleek, has a whiff of Ferrari Daytona about its nose (squint, blink and repeatedly hit yourself about the face and you might just see it), is well appointed inside and comes with the option of a lazy-but-leggy 2.7-litre V6 (167hp or so, for stat fans).

This particular car (spotted by PHer and shed-hunter extraordinaire only1ian - cheers for the find) might not be the rosiest example around, but it's done a meagre 65K miles, and is a true youngster in Shed terms, being less than 10 years old.

And provided you can see past that badge, and the fact that this particular example's bodywork and wheels are a bit scuffed-up in places, the less badge-sensitive among us could be enjoying South Korea's finest performance motoring for the price of a cheap holiday.

Advert is reproduced below

Hyundai Coupe, 12 Months MOT, 52 Reg,2.7 V6 ALPINE USB Stereo, Leather (2002)
65,000 miles £1,000

Hyundai Coupe, 52 Reg, 2.7 V6

MOT - Until January 2013 (12 Months)
TAX - End December 2011

ALPINE USB Stereo, Leather Seats
2002 (52 Reg) Hyundai Coupe, 64,000 miles, Manual, 2.7L, Metallic Silver, Petrol, 3 Doors, Cruise Control, Remote Central Locking, Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Alarm, Immobiliser, ALPINE MP3/USB/iPod Upgrade Stereo, Sports Seats, Sunroof, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, 6 Speed, Partial Service History, Fog Lights, Insurance Group 14P. Brand new rear discs and pads

For sale I have my Wife's Hyundai Coupe 2.7 V6. I bought this car for her last summer to use for travel to work. This car has been a real surprise to me as it's been extremely reliable and very good fun to drive. I'm now selling as we have purchased a diesel car for her to use due to increased business mileage.

The Good Points: The car is mechanically sound and drives really nicely, plus the V6 engine is extremely smooth and pulls nicely; the interior is in really good condition and I'm including the ALPINE MP3/USB/iPod Stereo I purchased. All electrics work perfectly and I've replaced the boot release switch and telescopic areal so these all work now too.

The Bad Points: There are a number of scuff marks on the vehicle, most notably to the rear bumper, offside of the front bumper and to the offside wheel arch. Also the wheels could do with a refurb, I got the offside rear wheel refurbished and a new tyre fitted 2 months ago due to a seal leak, it looks as good as new! I've had a quote for the other 3x wheels to be fully refurbished for £150

Due to the points above I'm only asking for £1000

Thanks for looking

P.H. O'meter

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  • Low Pro 16 Feb 2012

    Thanks i am looking to get hold of one of these
    Turbobanana said:
    Good shed.

    I sold these for 4 years when new, and to address a few nay-sayers:

    Yes, it only had 167 bhp but was very torquey. Hyundai's line was that the engine was deliberately detuned to preserve reliability (don't forget this, as a 52 plate, was sold with the UK's first 5 year warranty). In any event, the 2.0 four only had about 140 bhp, so the V6 was a reasonable upgrade.

    6-speed was standard, assuming you didn't go slushbox (which was acually a lovely, lazy cruiser)

    Handling is OK but very tyre-dependant. Standard rubber was Hankook (Korean: jobs for the boys?)and was OK but many people upgraded wheels and bought cheap tyres which resulted in understeer and oversteer - often at the same time.

    Sunroof was standard, although you could allegedly special order one without. 1.6 had no sunroof, 2.0 and V6 did. If you're over 5'11" you'll end up reclining quite a bit to get comfortable.

    I don't wish to defend it though: trim was awful, brake discs last about a week and remote alarms worked when they wanted to

    Overall though, a decent car which was roomy, looked good and was generally very reliable. You wouldn't put half a decade of warranty on it otherwise, would you?

  • v15ben 16 Jan 2012

    Ted Rolson said:
    Also Ben, in 1982 british cars were better than a Matiz, and also i laugh at you, picturing you trundling about in your matiz.
    I have a 200 mile trip to do, shouldn't take long in a British V8 Twin turbo.
    You're right there. I'd rather be driving an Ital or Allegro than a Matiz wink
    Come back when you've found any British V8 Twin Turbos available in Korea, in a car at least.
    Thanks for laughing too, I'm doing the same right back at you hehe

  • Mr2Mike 13 Jan 2012

    Ted Rolson said:
    Also Ben, in 1982 british cars were better than a Matiz, and also i laugh at you, picturing you trundling about in your matiz.
    Define better. Did they have better economy, reliability, rust resistance and warranty than the Matiz? Was e.g. the Triumph Acclaim, or Morris Ital really better than the Matiz in all these areas?

    Ted Rolson said:
    I have a 200 mile trip to do, shouldn't take long in a British V8 Twin turbo.
    That would surely depend on how quickly the AA/RAC transporter arrives?

  • RobCrezz 13 Jan 2012

    Not a bad SOTW!

    But if I wanted this sort of thing, my money would be going for a Prelude Vtec.

  • Munter 13 Jan 2012

    Ted Rolson said:
    Your openly showing people you are a fool,
    Now if that's not irony. I'm not sure what is.

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