SOTW: Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Sport

After several weeks of Shed of the Week oddities (and if you don't call an Austin Ambassador, a V6-engined MR2 and Vauxhall Cavalier Sports Hatch odd, then we would politely question your sanity), SOTW has returned to its spiritual heartland with today's offering.

By the time the 'X300' XJ6 came along in the mid-1990s, Jaguar may have lost its way slightly with the third part of its 1960s mission statement to provide grace, pace and space, but it still had the first two bits in abundance.

These days, Jaguar has fully embraced modernity, but the Jaguar of the 1990s was still stuck in a retro rut. Even so, the sleek, graceful lines of this 3.2 Sport still have a certain timeless balance to them.

True, you might risk looking a little Arfur Daley-esque (particularly with the shiny hubcaps and coachline), and you might have to explain to people that you're not driving a Jaaaggg about just because Clarkson told you they're cool (even though he's right), but just look at that creamy, leathery, woody interior...

Unlike the last time we featured a Jaguar of this era (an XJR that seemed attractively powerful, but unattractively tatty) this particular car also sounds like it's in pretty decent nick.

It's done a chunky but not ridiculous 121k miles, seems to have been regularly and diligently serviced. It also seems to be visually pretty tidy, aside from a few minor rust bubbles and a spot of peeling paint lacquer. Heck, it's even got a full 12 months MOT.

There is more than one person at PHHQ who would be mighty tempted by this. If it wasn't for that coachline...

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1995 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Sport (1995)
121,300 miles £825

1995 Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Sport in carnival red with all the usual Jaguar refinements.

Starting off with the mechanicals, the engine is the trusty 3.2 litre chain cam straight six engine. It pulls well and runs nicely up to temperature, doesn't overheat, burn oil or leak any fluids. The gearbox shifts smoothly with no untoward noises or jerky changes. 

The car had a lubrication service in April and the front upper shock absorber bushes were replaced. I have receipts for all parts purchased. All the warning lights extinguish during ignition as they should. All the electrics work with the exception of the infamous digital clock. The air con blows cold, seemingly a rarity on X300 Jaguars.

The bodywork and interior are clean and tidy with no major issues. There are a couple of very small rust bubbles around the edge of the rear screen and one on the edge of the windscreen. There is patch of peeling lacquer on the rear passenger door. The car looks very clean and presentable with smart white coachlines. All the alloy wheels are in good order. 

I have one working key and one working remote fob. 

Overall this is a very cheap introduction to luxury motoring. The car is totally dependable and I've just completed a 1000+ mile journey through France without any issues, in fact, it was a pleasure to drive over such a long distance. The car has a new MOT and is ready to be driven away. 

MOT expires: 08/2012
Road tax expires: 09/2011


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  • ziggypop 08 Oct 2011


    well here she is:a 1998 3.2 V8 Jaguar sport. with everything just about. Now closeted in her abode where previous kitty resided. Insurance company came good with payout and local Jag dealer held one for me as he knew I wanted one. serviced regularly every 10k be previous one owner. Now only have work out how to use Nokia bluetooth system and the fiendishly more complex sound system.

  • MX7 14 Sep 2011

    ziggypop said:
    I purchased an Antigua Blue one of these in 2001
    You had it for 10 years, and within a few days of posting here it's been destroyed? I wouldn't post pictures of your new one if I were you!

    The blue one was beautiful, and good luck with the new one.

  • Ace-T 14 Sep 2011

    RESULT! clap Well done! smile

    Trace smile

  • ziggypop 13 Sep 2011


    Well, last weekend my partner in life and I visited the main motor dealer road here in Canberra - the capital of OZ (I live outside the Capital on what is known as a "Lifestyle" acreage block with mini-mansion on it) - but I digress....

    We were going to purchase a second car - a buzz box if you would - to get me to work so we looked, poked and prodded a number of small new cars and almost set off to buy a VW polo after exiting from the Honda dealer. As luck would have it my partner spied an XJ sport lurking on the forecourt of the adjacent Land Rover/Jaguar/Skoda dealer. Now this vehicle was advertised on the dealers website but stated it was no longer available. I thought we would have a look at it any way to assess condition. The sales droid shimmered over and asked our pleasure and we asked if the car had been sold. He indicated that it had not been.

    I almost went weak at the knees..... truly the Gods were smiling that day realising my poignant loss on the first day of our spring!

    At that point, I just knew she would be mine. We quickly arranged a test run and sure enough from the moment I slid behind the wheel and fired her up she purred and cooed. As we exited the forecourt she growled and I then threw caution to the wind and gave her speed. Then blipped the S button and we were off!

    With a stupid grin on my face we tested out the car, and her ability to zap around roundabouts without so much as a squeal whilst the Bimmer behind me shot off into the grass. We loped back to the Dealer and I said - she is mine now. Where do I part with the hard-earned.

    As soon as I take delivery (she must be registered in my Stae and detailed) I will post photos of Kitty Galore as she will be known - an 1998 XJ Sport 3.2 (with mod chip to remap power) and in immaculate condition with ivory interior and Anthracite flanks. The paintwork is immaculate and the interior is as new and the mechanicals have been rigorously serivced by the previous owner.

    Can hardly wait.


    Edited by ziggypop on Tuesday 13th September 23:58

  • Scot 62 02 Sep 2011

    Bad luck man, waste of a great car frown

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