SOTW: Jaguar XJR (X300)

Judging by the excitable response we got when we last featured a Jaguar XJR as Shed of the Week, the sporty Coventry barge is a popular choice among the acolytes of Shed.

So popular, in fact, that come December the XJ-in-a-tracksuit was crowned Shed of the Year by you, the dear reader, despite the concerns over an absence of paperwork for half its life, and more than a couple of tatty bits and bobs on the bodywork.

Thus, when we spotted this 90s beauty dipping below the £1K threshold by a single quid, we realised it was time for the XJR to make its triumphant return to the hallowed portals of SOTW. After all, a 325hp rear-drive sports saloon is always welcome on SOTW. It also remains the most powerful Shed we've ever featured - not even out-engined by the dodgy-clutched E34 M5 we wrote about last autumn.

The power will most likely tempt you but, even if it doesn't, there's something deeply appealing about those olde-worlde proportions. The XJs of this era are hardly the last word in avant-garde design and are a ruddy long way from the Callum-era stuff of today, but without the chrome embellishments of its contemporaries it looks rather dashing even now

If anything, this one might be a better example than the last one we featured, too. Sure, it's got more miles on it (120K) and an equally short MOT, but it's got that all-important paperwork to back up its history and has had some recent work done on it, including a new upper cam chain tensioner and cam cover gasket, and supercharger belts replaced by the previous owner.

It's not perfect, of course, with a blowing exhaust and a dicky electric aerial being the most obvious and problematic issues. But this is a 325hp supercharged Jaguar XJ, and it could be yours for a three-figure sum, so we hope you'll forgive it a couple of issues. Because 155mph motoring really doesn't come much cheaper than this...

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Jaguar XJR (6) 4.0 Supercharged F.S.H (£999)
1995 Jaguar XJR 4.0 Supercharged.

Metallic Blue with oatmeal leather interior.

MOT June 23rd 2012.
Taxed until end of August 2012
Lots of service history & paper work
120000 miles (at time of advert, will increase as in daily use)
Spare alarm fob and 2x spare Jaguar Keys.
New Iridium Plugs & K&N Panel filter
New upper cam chain tensioner & cam cover gasket
New OEM water pump
Full coolant system drain, flush and refill.


All the usual extras, electric windows, heated front screen, electric memory seats & steering column. Original stereo, electric sunroof etc.

Very original example, very clean inside & out, in very good overall condition. Much better than most Jaguars of this age, 5x Original XJR alloy wheels with the correct sized tyres(255/45/17 pirelli's - rears low but 1x new tyre included). Fully stamped service book & user manuals etc.

Body work is generally very good, paint is commensurate with the age & mileage. See pics

Mechanically very good, no known issues. Strong AJ16 straight 6 engine with eaton blower (belts changed by prev owner & New spares included) Auto Gearbox shifts well, sport & manual modes, traction control also works well.

Known issues

Drivers seat heater element doesn't work
Airbag warning shows on dash (intermittently, believed to be connection issue)
Slight blow from exhaust manifold when cold (not loud and doesn't effect performance - theres a pair of really good spare manifolds included too)
Rear tyres are low on tread, 1x brand new tyre included.
Electric ariel sometimes doesnt extend (works most of the time)

please contact me if you wish to view the car and judge for yourself.

This is really cheap for what it is, It is painful enough selling it for a grand so I dont want any offers! I've been messed around by numerous time wasters lately and just want a quick, straight forward sale.

NO SCAM/SPAM EMAILS, I dont care if you're an Oceanographer/astronaut/Monkey dentist/pig tickler etc etc or how many million euros you offer to deposit into my account.
British £££ only, thanks!

P.H. O'meter

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  • 5mphuk 05 Mar 2013

    Opps sorry mine is a X308 model not a 300. Looks a bit smarter with the really cool grille Bentley type that less Jags have often pinched to look the real mcCoy!

  • 5mphuk 05 Mar 2013

    I own a 2000 April model XJR V8 which I bought with 18,600 miles on the clock.
    It was a Jaguar test car and had been tested to the limit as I found out to me cost. Fully loaded (steel electric roof, automatic headlight sensors, auto sensor windscreen wiper,etc).
    Sadly I had to have new brakes at 45,000mls ( looks like they have done 80,000mls said the engineer and one had virtually soldered itself on!).
    then at 96,000 I had to have a new engine. Nikosil was the cause even though the engineers claimed it did not qualify, after £9k and an exchange engine, I found from racing green that the VIN numbers confirmed it had been fitted with the dreaded Nikosil coated pistons that had disintegrated!
    The Sat Nav still points home to Browns Lane Coventry, no longer Jag HQ!
    In spite of the fuel cost,with 116k on the clock its road holding and acceleration on a French motorway always puts a smile on my head as does cruising at 70 on a motorway with the roof open and windows down on a warm day.
    Great car, worth a pittance, and I believe a future classic if looked after.
    Somehow the new jguars are not so serene and stately and just do not tempt me away from my XJR with number plate 5 MPH , that makes people smile!

  • HaylingJag 14 Jun 2012

    sumnide82 said:
    In the gang.

    I like the leaper. Thought about getting one for 10 minutes, then had the slightly dubious idea for the Union Jack.

    I like it though. Makes it look faster...

    Wouldnt mind having a go in a V8 to compare with my 6 pot.
    Go buy one while they're cheap, every home should have one of each!!!
    V8 performance is on a totally different level

  • sumnide82 14 Jun 2012

    In the gang.

    I like the leaper. Thought about getting one for 10 minutes, then had the slightly dubious idea for the Union Jack.

    I like it though. Makes it look faster...

    Wouldnt mind having a go in a V8 to compare with my 6 pot.

  • Big Rod 12 Jun 2012


    Anyway, the handling is more 'wandery' than I expected, it pulls a bit towards the kerb and the front tyres are showing signs of 'odd' wear so I'm getting the front suspension checked on Thursday before I do anything with the geometry and tyres.

    Seriously mate it's a wonderful thing and that blower whine is sublime.

    PITA looking at it sitting in my drive knowing that it'd be a bad idea to drive it. So I'm drinking beer and it's wedged in behind my Pajero so I'm not tempted!

    Hell, SWMBO even likes it!

    ETA, yes, the cabin is 'snug' and I might have trouble finding somewhere for my left leg on long trips but it's very homely and it's a far cry from the Zed which I've been using recently for the commute.

    Edited by Big Rod on Monday 11th June 21:57

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