SOTW: Jaguar XJR

There is no denying that today's SOTW is a major punt. Semi-bespoke performance saloons are not known for their low running costs, Jaguars are not renowned for their longevity, and 50,000 miles of unknown history is going to be a worry to the bravest of gamblers. Especially when said car's MOT runs out in two months.

But despite so many things about this M-plate Jaguar XJR ringing more or less every Shed alarm bell out there, once we spotted it there was little doubt that we had found today's Shed of the Week.

There are just so many things that scream 'want' about this car. For a start, we don't think we've ever broken the 300bhp barrier on Shed, and to do so in a roadworthy car is a treat indeed. Secondly, the sporty barge is close to the heart of what SOTW stands for. Thirdly, we just love a Jaguar.

This X300-era XJR might not quite have the poke of the later V8 version, but you'll pay at least double that for one of those, and for a grand it would be a churlish fellow who feels that 321bhp and 378lb ft isn't enough to be getting on with.

It being a fast Jag, the transmission is naturally a 4-speed auto, (although 268 XJRs, 103 of them RHD, were fitted with a five-speed Getrag manual, though that info does come courtesy of Wikipedia and so must be treated with caution), while leather and wood abound in the cabin.

Outside it's not perfect (the missing passenger side mirror being a prime example of that), but who cares when you've got the first-ever supercharged Jaguar on your drive for just £1k?

Well, you might, when it comes to MOT time and you're faced with a stack of bills. But SOTW has never been about making sensible choices...

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jaguar xjr straight 6 supercharged (1995)
97,000 miles £1,000

hi here we have my M reg jaguar xjr supercarged in saphire blue with grey leather an 97,000 miles.i have service history up to 47,000 very well looked after car needs some tlc on rear arches an passenger wing mirror missing.also chrome trim on back bumper is bent where someone before i had the car tried stealng it. very fast an reliable car everything works as it should,age related marks mot till june tax till july.any questions feel free to call

P.H. O'meter

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  • B'stard Child 07 Jul 2011

    Ecurie Ecosse said:
    Ah, but have you driven an XJR?

    Edited to add - he has now

    Edited by B'stard Child on Saturday 31st December 10:40

  • Ecurie Ecosse 07 Jul 2011

    Ah, but have you driven an XJR?

  • melvster 07 Jul 2011

    B'stard Child said:
    I try and sometimes fail to follow my own rule which is "Can't contribute positively - don't contribute"
    Could not agree more at the end of the day Pistonheads is all about sharing views/opinions and information in a controlled positive manner.

  • B'stard Child 07 Jul 2011

    melvster said:
    Sorry for dragging this up, ok i did act childish in my post and probably should have made my argument more clearly.

    So to sum up, sorry to those people who i may of offended, they maybe great cars but like i stated, never seen the attraction, i am a true petrol head but on this occasion let myself down badly and showed how immature i was.

    I am not looking for a sob story but all i want to say is, causing arguments/debates on a car forum is quite low as you can not directly speak to the people you are trying to annoy. Sorry fellow Pistonheaders i take full responsibility in acting like a tt.
    Well done young man - nice follow up to what wasn't the greatest post ever wink

    I try and sometimes fail to follow my own rule which is "Can't contribute positively - don't contribute"

    Anyway if we all like the same stuff what would the world be like!!!

  • jonnydm 07 Jul 2011

    07Tuono said:
    I bought this Jag, got it for £750 and it was a bargain, picked it up from Brighton and drove 280 miles home and it didn't miss a beat. Not bothered by tatty body as all I want it for is the engine, gearbox & running gear as it's all going in a 2002 SWB transit, I've got my work cut out making it all fit but going to start at weekend. Was going to go with Jag V8 but to much money to chop up for donnor car, plus the striaght six is more reliable.
    It pulls like a train and would have only nedded front suspension bushes for MOT, everything works on the car as it should and apart from being a but tatty it's a great car.
    I'd certainly like to see that when its done. Get a build thread up in the Readers Cars forum.

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