SOTW: Nissan 300ZX

One of the things we like more than anything else on a good Shed of the Week candidate is a decent, well-written advert. It shows that the sender cares enough about their motor to give it a proper sell, and generally (we reckon) that they're an honest enough sort.

We also reckon somebody punctilious enough to bother about a spot of speeling, punctuation and grammar (as well as a well-crafted ad) is also more likely to be the type to bother about a spot of regular servicing, care and general maintenance for their motor.

We have no hard data to back this theory up, of course, but shedding is all about going with gut feelings and intuition, isn't it?

This week, however, we are throwing our 'well-written advert' theory out of the window in favour of this Nissan 300ZX, spotted by PHer Ian Bond (only1ian) and suggested as a squint-and-you'll-get-it ancestor to our new PH fleet Infiniti G37 S (in as much as it's built by Nissan and features a naturally aspirated V6).

But, as tempting as £999 is for so much early 90s Japanese GT metal (tempting provided you like that sort of thing, of course), you do have to be prepared to look past the, er, eccentrically spelled advert, which features such gems as '11 moths MOT', an 'emobilizer' and a 'kenwood sterio'.

We are prepared to overlook the odd advert copy though - well, I am, because I have a well-known soft-spot for performance cars from the far east (and I don't mean Norfolk) - because this 1991 Z32 looks pretty clean.

Okay, so it's not the mighty-quick twin-turbo version, but it's unmodified (except for, from the sound of it, the exhaust), it has plenty of tax and ticket, and it's a rear-drive coupe with a not-unreasonable 222bhp and a manual gearbox. Heck, it's even the T-top version, so you can get yourself suitably sunburned while enjoying your large, fast (ish) Japanese coupe...

Of course, that lack of detail in the advert would mean you'd definitely need to give the car a good inspection, and find out if there's much paperwork with it but, on the face of it, this 300ZX looks like it could be a fine car. So who cares if the vendor isn't a fan of full stops, capital letters or the use of the word 'now' as opposed to 'know'?

Advert is reproduced below

300zx black (n/a manual) **£999** (1991)
90,000 miles £999

know reduced for quick sale formy 300zx, in very good condition, engine and manual gearbox are in very good condition,full electrics, seat mirrors windows, new disc pads all around 11 moths mot 5 months tax car is in every day use for short journeys, no knocks no problems, starts first time, toad alarm n emobilizer,kenwood sterio, full stainless twin exhaust sound beautifull must see

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  • The Crack Fox 18 May 2011

    advert said:
    To stop Emos from nicking it ?

  • HenryRoyce 18 May 2011

    Not my cup of tea and the advert does not inspire confidence.

  • oliver9523 17 May 2011

    That's tempting for a track car. Strip it, flog the fatty bits, make some pennies back, have a world of fun!

    :Off Topic a tad:
    Can't go wrong with Jap cars.
    My 19yr old MR2 (sw20) track car just went through it's MOT with only £50 of work.
    Was chuffed when I saw this fellow 19yr old doing what it was made to do.
    :Back on Topic:

  • Hairspray 16 May 2011

    My dad had a £400 twin turbo one of these a couple of years ago. It was an auto and it was still bloody quick, gave an unhealthy addiction for turbo boost, but had itself an unhealthy addiction to petrol! smile

  • zxttfan 16 May 2011

    TT Tim said:
    I love the Z32 300ZX TT.

    I've had mine for 10 years! And its still a fantastic car.

    Mine is a JDM (import) I couldn't find a good one in the UK, so I imported one and haven't regretted it for a minute.

    Yes the electrics can be quirky, I remember chasing down blown capacitors in the fuel pump controller for months.

    I'm not sure how many miles I've covered in mine, 30K+ including a European trip to Italy including some derestricted Autobahn sections.

    It was an everyday car for a few years and it did everything in its stride, from Tesco trips to the in laws in Yorkshire and the odd track day.

    I love it so much and as demonstrated by SOTW they are so cheap I just can't face giving it away.

    Gets my vote. biggrin

    I bought mine from the 1st owner in 1994 and still own it, now with 100K miles. Mine's a '91 twin turbo, US spec, and has had very few problems over the years. Warping brake rotors and clogged fuel injectors (from the ethanol they use here in the States) and have the major issues. No problems with the electrics but the clock which is dark for a few weeks after winter storage. Starting to get a little rot in one rocker panel due to winter driving when it was younger. I wouldn't hestitate to buy another one provided it's been looked after properly. Anything that old

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