SOTW: Reliant Scimitar GTE

If you've read Chris-R's first drive of the new Ferrari FF and love the idea of Ferrari's new hyper-hatch, but your budget is more shed than supercar, then today's SOTW might just provide the answer.

It's got the same four-seat GT MO, the same rakish breadvan looks and - well - that's about where the similarity ends. But for £500 you can't expect miracles, can you?

What you can expect, however, is a reasonably tidy-looking Reliant Scimitar GTE SE6. Okay, so you get half the cylinders of the Ferrari and only two driven wheels. But they are at least the correct wheels (the back two) and that 3.0-litre Ford 'Essex' V6's 138bhp was originally enough to sling the fibreglass-bodied Scimitar to 60mph in 8.5secs and on to a 120mph top speed (although Autocar only managed -60mph in 10.7secs and 117mph flat out in October 1968).

There are issues associated with Scimitar ownership, however. Anyone you meet who knows a bit about cars will tell you that 'Princess Anne had one of those, you know' (eight, actually), while those with no interest in cars will think you drive a genuinely hateful three-wheeler when you say you own a Reliant. Both of which we imagine would quickly become intensely annoying.

Still, if you're thick-skinned enough to ignore the three-wheel/Princess Anne comments the reward is a quick, spacious GT that could provide an easy way into classic motoring, courtesy of a simple Ford V6, plastic body and uncomplicated steel backbone chassis.

This particular car isn't exactly in concours condition, though. It does have five months of MOT, but the seller admits it's got clutch issues and some electrical problems. Still, you should have at least £500 left over in your Shed budget to sort the worst of the niggles. And it'll still be a heck of a lot cheaper than a Ferrari FF.

So: £500 to pretend you're a royal? Sounds like better value than £230k to pretend you're a footballer...

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1977 Reliant Scimitar SE6 For Sale
£500 ono

Great project car, which I wont be able to finish as I am off abroad to work. Car runs well and has MOT for5 months.

I have a new set of front and back seats in great condition and a full carpet set. I also have various parts to complete the car. Paint is quite good but therer are patches of blistering and crazing but no majpor cracks. The front spoiler is broken and there are a few electrical issues. The clutch gets sticky when the engine is warm. This is not a drive-away purchase. The car runs well but needs some TLC.

Please feel free to come and view. The car is currently on sorn. Good amount of history.

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  • PATTERNPART 27 May 2014

    Prices on the rise! I wonder what happened to the £500 Shed?

  • brucky74 06 Sep 2012

    Just purchased one paid good money but its a good car. Used to laugh at them as a kid. Now I've driven one I can understand what all the fuss is about. One of the best kept classic car secrets.

  • dandarez 08 Aug 2012

    scimmie said:
    dandarez said:
    Me? Never owned one.
    But I did have a gold 3-litre V6 Scimitar GT Coupe - the classic of the Scimitars; still is.
    I'd driven past a dealer in Oxon in early 1980s and spotted the back roofline and thought 'what's that?'
    (I had been looking for another Ginetta G11 coupe (only 2 were built, I have one - blue car in pic, with Scimmi Coupe facing forward - and I'm still looking for the other missing G11 30 years on!)

    Although it wasn't a Ginetta of course, I went into the dealer and I bought it (after a quick test) for 700 quid.
    I had it for a couple years I think, then sold it for a 1,000 quid biggrin

    Wonder if SRF 491G is still out there?
    SRF 491G is still about!! A friend of mine bought it a while back from a chap in Birmingham for restoration:

    Would love to see any other old pictures you have of your old Coupe.


    Dave Poole
    Just found one of my old pics of the Scimmi GT. Hardly looks any different in your pics.
    Except those bloody awful wheel trims - must see if I can find more of mine, pretty convinced it had wide steels with chrome caps?
    Will post up more if I find any. Sure I do have one or two somewhere.

    Is that a Talbot Lotus Sunbeam in the garage, 3rd pic?
    Always had a soft spot for Lotus/Sunbeams and was at the Chrysler dealers like a shot when the Lotus Sunbeams didn't sell as well as expected and the overstock of 'genuine' Loti/Sunbeam alloys were sold off - the alloys were made in Belgium and obviously Chrysler ordered far too many of them.
    I got a brand new set for a song.
    The steel wheels on my kit car GRS I had just built (Chrysler Hunter based - in the background behind my Scimmi) were chucked over the wall and the spanking new 6J x 13 Sunbeam Loti alloys fitted.
    Unusual but distinctive alloy, even today. Much preferred this wheel on the Lotus Sunbeams than the Minilites many fitted (usually lookalike ones).

    Bit off the Scimmi subject, but hey... will be back if I find more pics of SRF 491G (great to know it's still out there!)

  • Pushrod-Power 04 Apr 2011

    [quote/ Your car is sweet thumbup loving those other pics too lick any of the sixes as long as its the Essex cloud9

  • johnnymaestro 04 Apr 2011

    I was wondering when you'd show up. hehe

    Nice bit in C&SC recently too.

    <Must get car out this season>

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