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You can be the most stylish cheapskate in town
You can be the most stylish cheapskate in town
It’s winter, it’s getting cold, it rains a lot – what a perfect time to buy a cabriolet.

Well, in some way it may not be as silly as it sounds because you can get a bit of a bargain, drive round cursing your purchase and then sell it on for a profit next spring. Maybe.

By the time this 900 came along everyone knew they were re-bodied Vauxhalls with awful handling and more than a hint of badge-engineering.

Gone was the quirky, offbeat Swedish engineering that had kept legions of fans from the days of the blast-me-off-the-road early turbo models.

In was basically a Cavalier/Vectra in drag that had dodgy handling and awful residuals.

However, standing slightly away, almost embarrassed of its ugly siblings, always stood the 900 cabrio.

If the saloons were just about shifting out of the showrooms into the hands of school teachers who thought they were too ‘individual’ for a Mondeo, the cabrio didn’t look out of place in Monte Carlo.

The 900 Convertible was driven by people who said ‘yah’ and ‘ra, ra, ra’ a lot and went for lunch at the tennis club.

The small window in the back seemed to add to the sexiness and you had a vehicle that not only moved a notch up from its tin top brother but into a whole different social circle.

It seemed that those who drove the cabrio to their King’s Road eateries were not concerned  by trivial things such as chronic scuttle-shake or woeful handling.

The bigger engined models had too much torque steer but this would matter little on the cruise to the polo club.

The only problem facing those who bought one would be whether to get it in a conservative blue or black, or go for the garish yellow.

The Saab up-sides were there though, including good reliability and the ability to cover monster mileage.

The cabrios seemed to hold their value far better than the hatchbacks ever could too.

Not so this 1995 900 2.3 SE we found on Autotrader, because it could be yours for a measly grand.

It’s the later model in a desirable black, with alloys and leather.

There’s tax and MOT, electric windows, power steering and central locking too.

It does say it needs ‘light bodywork’ but that must be round the other side because it looks pretty good in the pic.

So join the croquet club, call your kids Tarquin and Rupert, and go get it…

Ad says: SAAB 900 2.3 SE Convertible

M reg. 2drs,5spd, Convertible, Black, Alloys, CL, leather, EW, PAS. light bodywork needed hence only. tax & mot. £1,000. p/x to clear.

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  • Mike400 03 Dec 2007

    Far better car IMO was the 306 cabrio, especially with the 2.0 16v revving away under the bonnet, the 306 looked perfect with the roof off.

    The saab on the other hand looks awful. Dont forget its a 1995 car, its 13 years old! Even if it was half the price I wouldnt be tempted.

  • angus54 03 Dec 2007

    75_Steve said:
    Despite them being a bit dodgy to drive, you have to say that's a real bargain.

    Tidy it, clean it up and whack a set of NI plates on it (yeah, not classy, but cheap) and the neighbours will think your numbers have come up.
    3 of them anyway!

    My ex brother in law had one - I always thought it a bit of a girls car though to be honest!

  • redgriff500 03 Dec 2007

    I think they're ok.

    Intending to get the GF one as a 'fun' 2nd car for the summer.

    The alternative 4 seater convertibles are Rover, Renault, Ford or Vauxhall. Audis are considerably more.

    Suddenly these look pretty good.

  • Pentoman 03 Dec 2007

    NiallOswald said:
    Just watch out for the 'engine >> gearbox' issue on the turbos...
    Well I wouldn't worry too much, that sounds like a very minor problem (!!! biggrin)

  • K321 01 Dec 2007

    i have one and i got it done with abbott so it can basically go round corners, whoever buys this check the roof still works!
    my car is currently broken though

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