SOTW: Toyota MR2... With A V6

On the face of it, £1000 for a moderately ratty-looking Mk1 MR2 is not exactly bargain of the century. After all, these things are fairly numerous - and quite often as rotten as a minibus-ful of News of the World 'investigative' journalists.

But this Mister-Two hides a dirty little secret beneath its blocky bodywork - a 3.0-litre V6. Now, we don't know whence this lump hails, but the ad does at least say that it was "rebuilt around 300 miles ago, New rings, Shells, All new gaskets, Water pump, Belts etc", which sounds encouraging.

Combining that V6 with the endearingly tatty standard bodywork (resprayed, but not very well, by all accounts), we reckon, could make this thing a great track toy; the sort of thing that looks unassuming but could easily embarrass a wussily driven 911 C4S.

It's not a pay-your-money-and-head-straight-for-Silverstone deal, however. The suspension has been upgraded, with coilover jobs on the rear, but it needs setting up (presumably to cope with what must be quite a heavy motor), a heat shield needs fitting for the fuel tank (that's fairly key, we imagine) and the engine needs mapping.

We might also humbly suggest that the new engine might have some significant effects on the MR2's weight distribution, possibly resulting in some 'interesting' changes to the car's already 'gravel-trap challenging' handling characteristics...

But hey, it's got MOT and tax until November, and a relatively small amount of work should leave you with a properly subtle plaything.

Oh, and if you do buy it, do let us know where the engine was originally installed...

Advert is reproduced below

Mk1 MR2 3.0 V6 Emerald ECU. Unfinished Track Car (1989)
106,000 miles £1,000

My brothers MR2...

Due to Illness we regret to put this up for sale.

It is MOT'ed and Taxed, MOT'ed until 11th November 2011. Taxed until the end of this month (Can re-tax at buyers cost)
It requires a few things to fully finish it, Mapping being one, It also needs a heatshield on the exhaust.

Engine was fitted early this year, rebuilt around 300 miles ago, New rings, Shells, All new gaskets, Water pump, Belts etc. No proof of this but its a strong engine that once mapped, will run perfect. Has Turbo flywheel and pressure plate with NA friction plate.

Exhaust is a custom system and it is very loud!

Suspension has KYB dampers all round with coilover conversion on the rear. Fully polybushed.

22v rear brake calipers, with corsa diesel discs.

Emerald K6 ECU, Inovate LC1 wideband, AFR gauge fitted next to dials.

The body is solid, Has had both rear arches replaced not that long ago and although it isn't mint it isnt completely rotten as per most.

Gemini alarm fitted, All tyres have good tread, Fronts are Yoko's.

Rear Turbo Anti roll bar, New T-bar seals, Windscreen replaced last year. Unfortunately it has a leak through the top of the drivers window, A simple window adjustment should solve this, Just don't have time!

Interior has been changed from blue to black although a few bits of blue trim remain, aswell as the blue cloth seats.

The whole car has been resprayed and is not a good finish, Don't expect it to be great, Its not a show car!

Everything works as it should, Wouldn't take much to be a awesome cheap fun/track car (As it was intended!).

To finish it off it needs Mapping, Suspension setting up (ideally front converting to coilovers too) and a heatsheild for the fuel tank, This is a must before any long trips, Although May be able to do this if a deposit is paid so you can drive it home. Remember, It needs mapping and while it is driveable, Its not good on fuel, and does not rev perfectly.

Any questions just ask and I'll do my best to help.


P.H. O'meter

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  • HereBeMonsters 06 Jan 2012

    Bitzer said:
    Forgot how good the MK1 looks compared to the MK2.

    I remember saying that the day I first saw one - when I was about 8 years old.

    I still want to visit Mk1 MR2 ownership. I had planned to before an Elise, but skipped it.

  • Bitzer 03 Jan 2012

    Forgot how good the MK1 looks compared to the MK2.

  • Adam205 03 Jan 2012

    Oh a photo whoring opportunity!

  • Herman Toothrot 02 Jan 2012

    I loved my mk1, if I could get a Supercharger imported in A1 condition from Japan I'd revisit the mk1. As it is I now just want my mk3 back from Rogue.

  • MartG 02 Jan 2012

    WeirdNeville said:
    Mmmmm - that reminds me of my ( now sadly scrapped ) SC

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