SOTW: VW Corrado VR6

Today's SOTW is an unashamedly biased one. I've picked out this admittedly rather tired-looking Corrado VR6 not because it's so rare to see a roadworthy example within the strict bounds of Shed's £1k limit (although it is unusual, despite Corrado VR6 values having softened up somewhat recently), but because I have a very personal soft-spot for them.

You see, back in 1995 (before I was able to legally drive, but long after I'd started avidly devouring any car magazines I could get my grubby little mitts on), I persuaded my father, precocious youth that I was, to pick a Corrado VR6 as a company car.

This was largely because the UK's motoring journalists almost universally wet themselves over the VR6 Corrado, often declaring it to be among the best-handling front-wheel-drive cars ever and awarding it victory in any number of group tests - even against rear-drive opposition.

As an impressionable child, I felt it was my duty to make sure one arrived on our family's drive. So when M610 VMU turned up one May evening in 1995, I was pretty much over the moon. And the chunky black coupe did not disappoint.

I loved the body-hugging seats, the great curved wall of dash and the growly V6, while the Karmann badge (for it was the Osnabruck coachbuilder who manufactured the car for VW) stuck just in front of the gearlever made it seem that little bit more exotic. And of course my 12-year-old self thought the spoiler that rose automatically at, if I recall correctly, around 60mph was just bloody brilliant...

The Corrado was also a significantly more exciting proposition than the rather more soggy and mundane Golf VR6. Aside from far better handling, the Corrado got a 2.9-litre narrow-angle V6 with 192bhp, rather than the miserable 174bhp 2.8 the Golf had to put up with. The result was 0-60mph in 6.4secs and a top speed of 145mph - more than enough for mid-90s playground bragging rights.

But for some reason, perhaps because VW hardly had a strong reputation for producing premium sports coupes, perhaps because the chunky styling wasn't exactly en vogue, the buying public never really took to the Corrado; VW sold fewer than 100,000 of them worldwide during the car's seven-year life.

As a result, the Corrado has been pretty much erased from VW's official history; when it resurrected the small coupe theme in 2008 it brought back the Scirocco name - and barely acknowledged the existence of the Corrado in its press material.

The general public might not take particularly well to this particular one, either: it's tatty, in need of a respray and, by the admission of the seller, would be 'ideal for someone who likes to tinker'.

On the other hand, it's got plenty of kit, 12 months MOT, and it is pretty much half the price of the next cheapest VR6 we could find out there.

ANd at £995 it's surely a bargain for one of the greatest front-drive chassis ever...

Advert is reproduced below

Volkswagen Corrado VR6 1995 - N (1995)
157,000 miles £995

P/X to clear

A slightly tatty N-reg Met Blue,Corrado vr6 in need of some body work mainly respray, the car starts and drives very well with a very smooth gearbox - lots of service history and bills.

Vr6 2.9 12v dohc model
Electric windows and mirrors
remote alarm,power steering,front fogs,abs, Alloy wheels,sunroof, adjustable rear spoiler and steering column.

Now with 12 months MOT...

Ideal for someone who likes to tinker...

Priced to sell...
07799475219 Supercoupes team.


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  • 28V6 16 Feb 2011

    This is my little runabout,

    It's a August 1993 car with 112K on the clock with 4 previous owners and with full service history and a box file full of old invoices abd MOT's. There are no mods to it except a a recent CD player and an a Cobra alarm system. Everything works on it including the spoiler and the sunroof.

    I bought it 2 years ago when it had done about 102K.

  • Chicane-UK 11 Feb 2011

    Early cars - spoiler up at around 45MPH.. later cars (mid 92 on), spoiler up at 55MPH.

  • DavidLScott 11 Feb 2011

    Just to add to the debate...

    I am pretty sure on my early 16v the spoiler went up at 60mph but the later ones (definitely the VR6) it went up at 45mph so we didn't all get done for implicit speeding!!
    I agree with the 15mph drop.

  • jacksonvr6 08 Feb 2011

    HalfMoon said:
    Sold mine for a grand a couple of weeks ago - Missing it already... Cracking car and would always put a smile on my face even when popping to the shops.

    Hey that was my old car sold it about 2 yrs ago did you ever sort out the rattle it had?
    I loved that car!!

  • Adz The Rat 08 Feb 2011

    PaulG40 said:
    I do admit to having done it stood in traffic a fair few times, purely to impress, lol.
    I used to do it all the time and watch to see if the people behind me noticed laugh

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