PH Fleet: Mazda Eunos Roadster

With another MX-5 on the fleet it's probably for the best my current non-driving status means less action for the silver Eunos. But that's not to say it's been standing completely idle.

Only an idiot could cock this up ... oh
Only an idiot could cock this up ... oh
Bought on a whim with an unexpected Christmas windfall a couple of years back I now curse my impetuousness every January as I'm hit with a triple whammy of tax, insurance and MoT. These are all tedious things to talk about so I'll skim over the issue, pausing only to say that I've now staggered the VED to mid-summer annual renewal and having to re-insure the car with my wife as the named driver after surrendering my licence (big cheer to PH partners Adrian Flux for sorting that out so painlessly, complete with agreed value and barely a murmur about the mods) means that's now out of sync too. Which leaves just the MoT to wish me a happy new year.

I wasn't expecting too much difficulty in getting a ticket so wasn't too stressed about this. And then I remembered that the horn had stopped working a while back. It had been on my mind for a bit but even with a lock-up to store it in the idea of going outside and working on the car didn't really appeal through December. So in typical leave it to the last minute fashion I started ripping the facia apart the night before getting the car to the MoT station.

No genius with the spanners, I'm even more of a numpty when it comes to stuff involving wires and fuses. Even then I thought a horn would be within my wit. Nope. The button had a random wire on it not attached to anything which I assumed to be the earth but just tripped the fuse whenever it was touching bodywork. That's OK, I'll just nip over to the garage opposite to get a couple of replacements. Only this being the modern world of filling stations they sell enough to do the weekly shop but not anything you might actually need to keep a car running, fuel aside. A route march up the High Street and a nice man with a PH smiley tattoo on his arm at the local Kwik Fit dug out a couple of 10A fuses for me to continue my fiddling. I could hear the relay working and I found one of the horns had a loose connection but still no beep.

Winter accommodation needs sorted
Winter accommodation needs sorted
This was turning into vintage 'five-minute job' territory but being a bloody-minded idiot (edit - delete the 'minded') I pressed on, a growing pile of blown fuses beside me. Before admitting defeat and getting the car dropped off to local spannermen The Car Works. They fitted new horns, got it a ticket and I was all sorted. Or I was, until I tried to find the certificate and (very reasonable) £140 invoice they'd carefully left in an envelope on the passenger seat. Nope. Lost. So I'll be popping back for a duplicate in due course.

All of which goes to show that I'm a bit disorganised and useless, and even paperwork is best left to the pros. Which wouldn't be a problem, but I told them not to worry about changing the oil because I'd do it myself once the car was home. What could possibly go wrong?

Fact sheet:
1993 Eunos Roadster (JDM import model)
Run by: Dan Trent
Bought: January 2011
Purchase price: £1,250
Last month at a glance: Eunos loses its horn, thwarts have-a-go hero spannering and gets its MoT

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  • ScORTED 19 Jan 2013

    bmw120d said:

    Hi Pistonheads

    May I say what a great site you run, open and
    well it seems that I may have offended 99% of the gassing station (most MX5 owners), as this was an open forum to put your thoughts up for public ridicule, I personally can't see the problem!! the fact that you let people call me names, but don't remove the post tells a different story ( to be honest if you post something on here I expect the full whammy from forum members). and i have seen far worse over the years!!

    there seems that there is a Bias to positive comments .... will not mention the Mazda or merc or BMW etc ,...

    so i get it if you tall dyslectic black have a faith other then the norm or own a merc .........................DON'T POST ON THIS SITE !!

    pistonheads you must let the forum be open .... if that's annoying to the most, it's a freedom of speech to the few... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    regards sadbat...

    Edited by bmw120d on Friday 18th January 20:33
    I think you've missed the point of a non model/brand specific car enthusiast forum. Also its plain bad manners to jump in on an informed discussion and insult everyone.

  • Nardies 18 Jan 2013

    Dan Trent said:
    Well that's decided then! I salute your spirit...

    Don't blame me if/when you're covered in oil and cuts, and have half an oil filter still attached to the car! biggrin

  • Dan Trent 18 Jan 2013

    Nardies said:
    was slightly messy, although more manly obviously.
    Well that's decided then! I salute your spirit...


  • VladD 18 Jan 2013

    bmw120d said:
    The sad fact is that there not that good, they have no power and everyone loves them ….. well that's says a lot …………. Oooooooo there rear wheel drive … try again next think I might buy a shed just for some none pis fun...................... think i may try a ....Lada
    The actual facts are:

    1) They have the same power to weight ratio as your junior rep mobile.

    2) Evo give them 4.5 stars out of 5 where as yours only get 3.5.

    So they're actually better than your car, in the opinion of enthusiasts.

    I think you need to cancel your PH membership and sign up to Fleet Car Monthly.

    I hope your driving is better than your spelling and grammar.

    You're welcome.

    [Edit] I apologise, I see you've now downgraded to a Merc.

    Edited by VladD on Friday 18th January 11:06

  • Itsallicanafford 18 Jan 2013

    Krikkit said:
    I've done that a few times, makes a hell of a mess, and the last time the outer casing just fell apart before it came loose... Nightmare.

    Now I just use one of these instead:

    Less effort than even the socket-type ones, guaranteed to get it off unless it's welded on!

    Don't know what all the fuss is about, you can reach the oil filter from above, snake your hands around the manifold/ FI stuff and twist this thing off (might help that i have the hands of a 5 year old)...

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