Pic Of The Week: 911 Turbo

A lot of talk about Porsches lately on PH. Well, even more than usual. We've had Dan asking to be proved wrong about his anti-Turbo bias (more than a few were happy to help...), discussion of Porsche styling from both 911 designer Matthias Kulla and Porsche's overall head of design Michael Mauer off the back of the unveiling of the new Cayman over in LA.

Now, we could have chosen one of those pics for your desktop delight this week. Given that PH was there during the photoshoot it would have been appropriate. But in research for the Tell Me I'm Wrong we came across a more classic slice of Porsche design from an iconic period in 911 development. And demonstration, perhaps, of why Porsche design sticks to the 'ain't broke, don't fix it' school of conservatism.

Here, in all its whaletailed glory then, is your Pic Of The Week. Enjoy!

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  • StuB 16 Feb 2013

    Great thread. Keep the pics coming.

  • paulpressland 15 Feb 2013

  • paulpressland 15 Feb 2013

    You are correct, the early 3.0 models had the whale tale, the later 3.3 ones the tea try.

    See here my Martini 3.3 model. It has the stripes as well as the special seats and interior

    E30M3SE said:
    I might be wrong, but if that is a 930 turbo should it not have the 'tea tray' rear spoiler, not the 'whale tail' the pictured car has?

  • Gary C 08 Dec 2012

    sone said:

    Oh it was a blast to drive , like shaving your nuts with a cut throat razor(-:
    Under steered for England and the brakes , oh the brakes. I spun my car on a dual carriageway at high speed just changing lanes in the damp, backwards at the speed limit.
    Your right tho they are an old car, that said my car had just been treated to a 14 k service( not miles, pounds) including new suspension and it was still a deat trap.
    I'd like another, but jus to look at(-:

    Mines only a 3.2 sport but has similar chassis and I would not call it a death trap. You notice its not as good on bumpy roads as modern performance cars, but it grips and steers well.

    I had to lift off and brake hard once at speed when I found a cow standing in the middle of the road and the car behaved perfectly. The front inside wheel locked as it was unloaded but the car behaved very well.

    You do notice the lack of ABS which limits the braking effectivness over a modern 911 but it remains chuckable and fun.

  • SEE YA 06 Dec 2012

    Just like I said above on the topic.

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