Pic of the week: a feast of F40s

If the Goodwood Revival fancy dress party isn't your thing and you prefer an even broader range of cars doing some proper racing, this weekend's Silverstone Classic is well worth a visit. And if you hadn't committed due a (perfectly reasonable) expectation of a washout and F1-style parking chaos then - whisper it - the weather's actually looking OK and organisers are assuring us all the parking is on hard standings and therefore weatherproof.

Cool cars, let's hope the weather's better
Cool cars, let's hope the weather's better
We had been supplied a great pic summing up the breadth of cars taking part in event, including classic F1, Group Cs, 60s tin-tops and more besides. But it's raining in that one and we didn't want you to think that's what's in store weather-wise.

So instead we've gone with another pic from an earlier meet at Silverstone to tease the fact Silverstone will host a very special parade of at least 70 Ferrari F40s to celebrate the car's 25th birthday. A pic of one F40 would have been nice. But we've done a bit better than that!

Tickets and further info can be found on the official site - let's hope that weather forecast is right!

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P.H. O'meter

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  • BoxerF50 06 Oct 2012

    My son shot this as we were going around on the track:


  • bromers2 23 Jul 2012

    trackerjack said:
    My daughter was in one of those F40's and got to drive it later, she seemed to like it.
    I have never driven or been driven in one but would not say no!
    There was a human being of the female variety actually driving one.

  • JayMan 23 Jul 2012

    Join a car club. I went with TIPEC.

    We got 2 tickets for the price of one, a great day had!

  • Blib 23 Jul 2012

    Maseratis are in the same, excellent place every year. If it wasn't for my Hawk, I'd be parked up with those chaps.

  • Pork 23 Jul 2012

    Blib said:
    See my edited post.

    Ah, cheers. Yeah, wasnt sure if there would be a strong Maserati presence. Thanks for the info.

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