Pic of the Week: Alpine Renault on the slide

It looks unlikely to be much of a white Christmas this year, but a seasonal POTW without snow is like Brussels sprouts without gravy - unpalatable.

Thus we present a snowy, slidey festive pic of the week.

We've (sort of) made it topical, too, since it's a matter of a mere couple of weeks until the Monte Carlo rally (whence this tail-out Alpine comes). And, of course, a Renault reference is topical in light of the 10 model lines the French car maker has just axed form its UK range. Clutching at straws? Us?

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  • melvster 06 Jan 2012

    s m said:
    Love the 8

    I would do so much to own the 8 pictured here.

    Edited by melvster on Friday 6th January 16:52

  • rs48635 06 Jan 2012

    Love the little A110 - spent all my christmas money on a "collectors edition" die-cast model when I was about 9 years old. Didn't really know much about Alpine then, but knew I loved it.

  • pSyCoSiS 29 Dec 2011

    Nice photo.

    Quirky cars.

  • melvster 27 Dec 2011

    Great looking car, would love to see one again. This is my fave Alpine pic, not taken by me i'm afraid.

    Alpine A110 by Thomas Quintin, on Flickr

  • Johnston 25 Dec 2011

    Fab cars, went in an A110 at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in the rain and it was so much fan driving in the muddy fields.

    Not quite the same but here is my A610 after a nice drive on the Evo triangle in some snow. :-)

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