Pic of the Week: An MGB with a difference

Ah, the MGB. Pleasant-looking olde worlde sportster, but not the sort of thing you would want, in standard form at least, to take to a track day, right?

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Not in the case of the car you see here. Because this is the Frontline MG LE50, a car that's been created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of MG's classic sports car next year. And underneath the bonnet lies a 2.0-litre 212hp, 175lb ft engine derived from a Mazda MX-5.

And handling that power is a six-speed Mazda gearbox and bespoke multi-link suspension. It's a combination that will no doubt upset some purists, but we're willing to bet that it's a hoot.

Something we'll find out for certain when we drive it next week...

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  • Ozzie Osmond 06 Feb 2012

    Watched an old film called IF! on TV last night and was amazed to see an MGC parked in the car showroom they visited.

    A bit of googling reveals the MGC was released in 1967 and the film released the following year. The MGC (a 6-pot version of MGB with distinctive bonnet bulge) must have been the absolute latest thing in sports cars at that time! Sold very poorly though and was canned in 1969. So a very rare sight in a film!

  • rolymo 06 Feb 2012

    I built this with a twin pipe exhaust system with "cherry-bomb" silencers and a balance pipe so it sounds very "fruity" but not excessive, It does not suffer from period vibration when driven hard on the freeway like some so called sports systems. In Florida we were not forced to fit a catalzer like some other states so it sounds rather more classic in tone.

  • Oilchange 05 Feb 2012

    mmm wonder what it sounds like...

  • rolymo 02 Feb 2012

    MGBGT with Chevy V6 installation

  • rolymo 02 Feb 2012

    How about this MGBGT for an alternative, no crazy rabbits eye's only a thumping great Chevy 3.4 litre V6 engine and long legged 5 speed O/drive tranny Ideal laid back high speed freeway cruiser to explore the country side at our mandatory national speed limit of 55MPH which really slows down the economy you know !!

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