Pic Of The Week: Aston V8 In Iceland

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At the inauguration of the very first PistonHeads Open Season it's only fitting that we all decorate our desktops with a suitable image, and they don't come much more suitable than this.

Some (potentially more fortunate) PHers may already have seen it, because the image has been pinched from Aston Martin's 2009 model-year V8 Roadster brochure.

This week's object of our communal heart's desire is photographed next to an icy looking lake in er, Iceland - we're reliably informed by our friends at Aston who kindly volunteered the image.

Photographer Rene Staud gets the credit for the arty interpretation.

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  • torquespeak 09 Dec 2010

    Shmee said:
    I'm not the only one that really doesn't like these pictures am I?
    I doubt it.

    Simply because I don't know and it's marginally interesting, what's the deal with front indicator position on the V8 Roadster? These shots have the little orange strip of an indicator separate to the main cluster - was this a US-spec difference, or just the early models, or what?

  • Shmee 06 Dec 2010

    I'm not the only one that really doesn't like these pictures am I?

  • joust 06 Dec 2010

    That looks so wrong it hurts. Not a particularly good example of his work IMHO.

  • Cooper500 04 Dec 2010

    My personal favourite though...

  • Cooper500 04 Dec 2010

    I remember this set. I think it was part for the press release photography for the AMV8 Roadster, as far as I remember the shots were in the UK in the winter. Some shots in front of a frozen waterfall.

    Edited by Cooper500 on Saturday 4th December 16:21

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