Pic Of The Week: Aventador in London

You can look at pictures of big Lamborghinis all day long, and still be struck dumb when one rumbles past you, all razor-sharp edges and jagged detailing. Almost without exception, these are 'look at me' cars, so photographing one in front of a 'look at me' building - in this case, the glossy art deco facade of 45 Park Lane - seems fitting. Especially when night is falling, and there's a shroud of fog adding to the atmosphere of such a shot.

This particular Aventador has been tweaked by prestige car tuning firm Oakley Design - hence the adjustable rear spoiler and even wider alloys. What you can't see is that it's had an ECU remap and a new sports exhaust system, both of which bring the power up to 760hp. Reasonable to assume that it's quite nippy, then.

Thanks to Alex Penfold for the pic.

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  • Shmee 25 Dec 2012

    MattCSLnut said:
    wst said:
    It just looks weird, that picture, imo. Like the car is superimposed. It's too light underneath the car (rear left tyre) and... it just looks a bit uncanny valley.
    I have to agree with you there Sir wink I doubt very much that Lambo was actually there at all.
    As eye catching as this image is thumbup it looks heavily Photoshoped to my eye, as the lighting on the car appear very alien to the ambient lighting surrounding it + as you've mentioned the shadows under the car look odd. It's possible studio lighting was used outdoor to created that look.
    Good effort none the less and a nice touch with the Photographers name PHOTOSHOPED on the wall behind the car wink

    Edited by MattCSLnut on Friday 14th December 14:31

  • renorti 25 Dec 2012

    they just look so good.

  • Dion20vt 17 Dec 2012

    Sifly said:
    Dion20vt said:
    This was taken by myself 2 weeks ago, bloody awesome!
    Was it moving, or parked up for the night? biglaugh
    It was moving (only just!) through London rush hour traffic. Wouldnt have surprised me if the he'd parked up and popped into Harrods for some gold leaf bog roll.... biggrin

  • Prawo Jazdy 17 Dec 2012

    I saw this on the M25 last week. It came down the slip road, joining right in front of me, and then opened the taps. It sounded spectacular smile

  • pixelpimp 16 Dec 2012

    Nice but not as nice as:

    Another superbly prepared Oakley Dragon Edition, number 2 of 10.

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