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Le Mans these days might be dominated by dull-sounding turbodiesels, but a picture we spotted while trawling for images of last weekend's Le Mans test has lifted the hearts of PH HQ's fans of noisy racing cars.

The GT1 class might be absent from Le Mans this year, to be (in part) replaced by the new GTE spec, but the good ol' Corvette C6 will still be present, in all its V8 glory.

We don't know for sure whether the cars will still sound as good as the old GT1 contenders - which sounded as though they were ripping a hole in the fabric of the universe - but it's hard to imagine the Yankee muscle cars sounding anything other than brilliant

Here's hoping that Detroit's finest hasn't lost its aural edge...

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  • mulsanne64 05 May 2011

    Don't worry - the Vettes sound as good as ever! If you look closely at the rear of the Larbre car at the test, it's actually running a revised aero valence from one of the two factory Vettes, specially shipped over for evaluation.

  • Pilgrim20vt 03 May 2011

    Regiment said:
    ...neither did the thousands of French people that surrounded us and shouted abuse everytime a Peugeot dropped out.
    Last year that would have been a LOT of shouting biggrin

  • vetteheadracer 03 May 2011

    Anyone fancy a vette fix this weekend? Get yourselves along to Donnington as the Dutch Supercar Challenge series is visiting and they feature three ex P&M Corvettes, a C5R and two C6R chassis.
    I'm looking forward to hearing all three plus 2 TVR Sagaris V8s, 4 Moslers a Marcos LM600 which will rival the vettes for aural pleasure, a Viper an Aston Martin DBRS9 and a car with a great name a K1 Attack roadster!

    All part of the Britcar weekend at Donnington this weekend


  • Regiment 03 May 2011

    5 USA said:
    Yup! Pure rolling thunder!

    In 6 weeks time I'll have the hotel window open and fall asleep to the sound of them running through the night.... smile
    Hotel window, that's terrible. You need a tent and a spot right next to the track to truely appreciate Le Mans smile. Think i got about 3 hours sleep on the Sunday morning last year before we all went to the concrete steps on the start/finish line and sat there, watched the cars go by and dozed off. The Corvettes and that Saleen were monstrously loud but still didn't stop me napping...neither did the thousands of French people that surrounded us and shouted abuse everytime a Peugeot dropped out.

    Edited by Regiment on Tuesday 3rd May 12:28

  • 555ST 03 May 2011

    GTO 2 UFO said:
    Me too !

    Girlfriend said our C6 Z06 will have to go soon while we were on our way to Goodwood last Monday.
    Hi Chas and Dee,
    Spotted you on the road heading south between Midhurst and Cocking. I was in the antithesis of a Z06 - a Polo Bluemotion - which I'm sure you didn't give a second glance!

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