Pic Of The Week: E63 AMG Takes On M5 And XFR

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Today's POTW features three undeniably super super-saloons, but which is the, er, super-est? Well, according to our chums over on Autocar magazine, they reckon it ain't the new M5.

Which, as far s super-saloon group tests go, rather re-writes the form book. In fact, we reckon that the giving of the nod to the E63 AMG (now with 5.5-litre twin-turbo power, remember, just like the M5), is quite an historic victory for the big Merc, no matter how slender the margin - and it is a skin-of-teeth type victory.

As for the Jaguar? Well, it comes in third place but is by no means disgraced (and quite right, too).

But as well as a no-doubt controversial verdict, the group test in this week's issue of Autocar also allows us to present you with this rather pretty picture. You can see more of them, and read more about the whys and wherefores of the test, by downloading Autocar's digital edition (or by going to an actual shop to buy an actual, printed copy - we hear such things are still possible...)

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  • fraserb 14 Nov 2011

    ffc said:
    As an XRF owner who loves the car I would cheerfully take either of the others as well.
    ditto, had my xfr nearly two years and love it but........

  • Munich 14 Oct 2011

    Well it is amazing how Autocar can change their tune within a week. I have just read the article on the M5 (before the comparison) and they basically said the F10M was the best car.... ever! How can it then lose to the MB, a car they had already driven (albeit with the old engine)? I'll be interested to read this article.

  • Deep 11 Oct 2011

    Horse for courses but I don't understand why people keep saying how good the Jag interior is.

    I used to own an E60 M5 and had a mental attack and chopped it in for a F10 535D MS with all the toys back in May. I soon realised my mistake and wanted to get back into a super saloon.

    So I test drove a C63 AMG, E63 AMG, M3 and XFR. Though the XFR was a competent and fast car something about it just didn't excite. Perhaps I didn't like the super charged engine, though very fast just didn't seem or sound special.

    And the interior of it I must say I didn't like at all. Next to the interior of my F10 it feels really quite cheap and flimsy. Actually right now the F10 has the best quality fit and finish of any of these cars.

    The most fun car out of the lot was the C63 which was an absolute hoot! I presume the lower weight and smaller size just made it that much nicer to fling around. And that engine, wow! So exciting just to hear it. Many years ago I owned a sc C32 AMG, AMG has come a long long way with its cars.

    Anyway none of the cars completely convinced me and I really thought I should hang around to see whether the new M5 was the one. Once I've driven that I'll decide which one to get.

    Though some people might slag off the Jag without ever having driven it,similarly it seems that some will always say they prefer it without ever having driven it or the other cars. Perhaps they just feel somehow its cool to own a car that was once British, or just hate BMW/MB?


  • Jimbo Deany 10 Oct 2011

    Jag for me. Cool can't be defined but whilst undeniably great cars, the Merc and BMW simply are not cool. The fact that their fans cite "ooh it's 0.2 seconds quicker to 60" and no doubt read the idrive manual in bed etc merely reinforces this.

  • ANF11 10 Oct 2011

    The jag would be my second choice after the Audi S8.....

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