Pic Of The Week: Ford GT at Spa

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Ah, the loneliness of the long-distance racer. But what sight in motorsport could be more evocative?

This image, taken last month at the Spa 24 hours, has it all - dawn breaking over a misty Eau Rouge and, in the foreground, a new GT1-spec Ford GT, one of the most exciting racing cars around. You can almost smell the mix of fresh morning air, engine oil and rubber.

But it's also a poignant picture. This is the first Spa 24-hours to allow entry for the new-spec GT1s, which will become part of a rejuvenated international GT1 championship next year, but it could also be the last - the GT1s will be coming to Spa next year, but not for a 24-hour race. Shame.

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Image: Steven Nesta


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  • dinkel 25 Aug 2009

    Bloody steep.

  • Gizmo! 24 Aug 2009

    dinkel said:
    Gizmo! said:
    Great photo. Shame the camera was falling over when it was taken wink

    If anyone needs to have vertical actually vertical, rotate the picture left by exactly 5 degrees in your favourite image manipulation program.
    Ever been there mate? It's steep!
    I know it's steep, but every 'vertical' line - buildings, poles, fences - is on the squiff. Picky, I know, but makes my teeth itch.

  • Stu_00 24 Aug 2009

    What dreams are made of !

  • KrissJ 23 Aug 2009

    Nice! That GT looks incredible.

  • duffman 22 Aug 2009

    anyway to get the pics of the week without the black borders?

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