Pic Of The Week: Happy 50th, Jaguar E-Type

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Like we said earlier in the week, it merely takes the flimsiest of excuses fro us to post up a nice pic of a Jaguar E-Type, and the news that Coventry City FC is to host a display of 50 E-Types in April was all we needed.

But a mere news story photo, we felt, was not sufficient to do proper justice to a car whose lines are so revered it's been on permanent display in the New York Museum of Modern Art since the mid-1990s.

So here it is, the same picture again, but in full POTW technicolour glory (and without that darned PistonHeads banner spoiling the rear end). Enjoy...

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  • vintageracer01 14 Feb 2011

    EPIC !

    Only the S1 FHC is better.

  • neutral 3 13 Feb 2011

    A 3.8 or 4.2 Series 1 Roadster in Opalescent Silver Blue, just has to be the Prettiest car ever !!

    As a Sadly and much missed ex G/F said to me when i showed her a few pics of a 62 Opal Silver Blue Roadster (850551 via XKE DATA ) " Wow.... with that in the Garage, who needs Ann Summers"

  • 2volvos 13 Feb 2011

    Mr Cerbera said:
    My Uncle opened a shop a long way from my home wher I used to live with my Gran. Because it was her son, she always used to make me walk to HIS shop to get the groceries. The only redeeming factor to this trudge was the opportunity to occasionally walk past a 4.2 series 2 roadster, in cream.

    An indeligible mark of beauty and joy in my motoring history.

    Oh, and OP ?.....

    Yep, that Chrysler Voyager looks great...

  • bobberz 13 Feb 2011

    Just today I was peering through a window at two immaculate Series 1 cars (the best looking IMO), one a roadster, the other an FHC at a high-end dealer about 10 minutes from my house (one of the only official Radical dealers in the US among other things..)

    It was like being a little kid looking at the most expensive toy train through the hobby shop window at Christmas time! E-Types = cloud9

  • nickythesaint 12 Feb 2011

    Stunning car, I was half expecting Jag to come out with a retro new version of it when the yanks starting re-working all their classic sports cars (Ford gt etc).

    I would still love to see some small, lightweight and beautiful sports cars from Jag, I wasn't overly bowled over by the F-type concept. The E, C and D type's were all wonderful cars to make you a proud Brit.

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