Pic Of The Week: Hayabusa vs Radical

This week's Pic Of The Week celebrates the classic speed junky question of which is quicker: car or bike?

PH2's Jon Urry chose to answer the question by pitting a Suzuki Hayabusa against Radical SR3 RS. The beauty of this wee comparison is that they share the same high-revving Suzuki engine - levelling the playing field slightly. The results are somewhat unsurprising; the bike dominated the straights, while the slick-shod Radical was superior on the brakes and through corners. Both, in their own way, are hugely impressive machines.

And whether you enjoy your kicks on four or two wheels, we think you will appreciate the commitment shown by both the guys in this snapshot of their day at Bruntingthorpe.

Traditional (4:3)
Computer widescreen (16:10)
TV widescreen (16:9)
Portrait (smartphone)

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  • Terminator X 08 Apr 2012

    Why run the car with 2 people in it?! Lot closer if just one rider in each. Love to see fast cars taking it to the bikers ... Who gives a st that you can buy the bike for peanuts vs the car.


  • BILL PAYER 08 Apr 2012

    The bike is standard so what happens if we get a modified 1000cc bike with top notch suspension,power commander and race pipes fitted etc.

  • frogy6 08 Apr 2012

    Again it's a situational thing. Have both got race tires on. Is the busa stock or set up for track.

    I know the rizla Suzuki team issued a challenge, bring anything on 4 wheels to set a timed lap against the rizla gsxr 1000.

    The bike was unbeaten but the radical came closest.

  • LordFlathead 07 Apr 2012

    Well let's have a think about that.. what the does the Radical weigh to the Busa?

    The Radical has to drag all the extra weight but the engine was not designed to be torquey, rather it develops a load of hp all at peak revs.

    The Radical corners better.. no st! It has at least four times the contact patch, no doubt with slicks or soft compound so it can stop faster and corner quicker.

    The bike leaves it standing on the straights - of course it does, that engine was designed to go in that frame.

    Great video but did not expect to see anything really smile

  • bamberwell 07 Apr 2012

    radical - track day special/racing car, 'busa - fast tourer......... same engine means fk all
    lotus elise s1 vs rover hmmmmmmmmmm

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