Pic Of The Week: McLaren At Spa

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They say racing improves the breed, but if the Spa 24hrs the other weekend was anything to go by, McLaren could be set to improve the racing in GT3. Or if not the racing, at least the photography...

From this desk, the new Macca GT3 racers look like the dog's danglers, and here to prove it are a couple of lovely shots from the Spa event - courtesy of the McLaren Automotive publicity machine.

McLaren's first endurance race for around 15 years saw three MP4-12C's lined up on the grid, and although only one car got to the finish line in 25th spot (an accident and a fire removed the other two from contention), the company has drawn various positives from the experience:

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"Impressive lap times, successful integration of a future McLaren GT customer into the team at Spa, and the safety of McLaren GT driver and Project Manager Andrew Kirkaldy following a high speed incident, mark out a positive result for McLaren GT in its debut 24 hour endurance race," they say.

Er, OK. Nice pictures! we say.

Meanwhile, if you've been meaning to soak up a bit of the legendary Spa atmosphere but missed the 24hrs - don't forget this PH special offer for the Six Hours. And if you want to see a McLaren in the flesh, we're picking one up this morning to take to Wilton House on Sunday. Come and say hello!

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...and dry
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  • Mikko 13 Aug 2011

    Saw one parked outside my apartment in Southampton a couple of days ago and it was looking good parked next to a 911 and a r8 v10 bloody rich dudes in their boats well its the downside of living in a marina.

    I dont care what others say i would have one tomorrow if they would swap it for an m3!!!!

  • SammyW 13 Aug 2011

    As has been said, I wish the road car looked more like this, it looks more purposeful, individual and characterful than the generic sports car looks of the standard car. I just hope there are plans for a GT3 type variant.

  • dinkel 13 Aug 2011

    Old skool then:

    1. 14R, built for Team Goh ("Team Lark McLaren") for JGTC in 1996, scoring 1 victory before being destroyed in an accident at Sugo. Replaced by refurbished chassis #04R and later converted to a street car.

  • Guvernator 13 Aug 2011

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not a massive fan of the 458 from certain angles either as it's way too chintzy for a Fezza (those front lights are awful) but good or bad, at least it makes a statement. I just don't see the point in a subdued supercar. As stated their are countless other cars to choose from if discretion is your thing.

  • B10 12 Aug 2011

    Both road and racing cars look fantastic. To me the 458 is too fussy and looks as if it on belongs in Monaco. The 12C looks serious and understated. Just like a good Saville road suit.
    However I would love own either.

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