Pic Of The Week: Monkey races a retro V8

Goodwood is a spectacular show, the Silverstone Classic has some great racing but for the best blend of evocative surroundings, stunning cars and proper racing it appears you need to take a trip to the Spa Six Hours.

Dinky Alfa lovely but we'll stick with the V8
Dinky Alfa lovely but we'll stick with the V8
So reckons Chris Harris, who returned from this year’s race having driven not one but two spectacularly lovely – and very different – cars. The little Alfa Giulia Super he raced in the pre-66 touring cars event was a dainty and lovely little thing, even if the racing was no holds barred.

But we love a V8 here at PH and choosing a single image – shot by Frozenspeed’s Jochen – from the selection Chris supplied with his video for Pic Of The Week had to be centred around the mighty Ford Falcon he raced in the main event with the brothers Frankel. Yes, it’s a big old beast. But lighter than it looks and with “well over” 400hp and not especially grippy 215 section tyres. If you haven’t seen the video yet do so. And then prime your new desktop image!

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Pic: Frozenspeed

P.H. O'meter

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  • dinkel 13 Oct 2012

    GT RACER, Season 1, "The Spa 6 Hours", Trailer:


  • crostonian 12 Oct 2012

    Love to here your opinions on the Giulia, I was lucky enough to own one before the values crept up, remember taking part in a classic rally and proving the Italian Job wrong by outrunning several Mini Coopers

  • Transmitter Man 12 Oct 2012

    I love the David v's Goliath battles, especially when they were in our own back yard - never mind Spa;

    Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY5zdnGvT0c

    Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDAK4jBKmow


  • jamespink 12 Oct 2012

    Absolutely delicious! Seen these at Brands racing Mk2 Jags, Cortinas and Minis. Its like having 4 x completely different sets of rules, then they all race together. Brilliant!

  • thirsty 12 Oct 2012

    That car is more cool than you would expect.

    During the mid 60s, the Ford Falcon was considered the economy car for Ford. A true original V8 version should be considered rare as most people back then went for something else if they wanted that much power. The original Mustang was built on the Falcon frame (no platforms back then).

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