Pic Of The Week: Peugeot T16 Evo II

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This week's PH Hero, a Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI, got us all sentimental about all sorts of things, not least the halcyon days of Group B rallying when the cars were mad and the drivers were even madder.

So here we have a Peugeot 205 T16 assaulting (literally) the 1986 1000 Lakes rally on its way to a famous victory. Drifting through the forests in the hands of Timo Salonen and his co-driver Seppo Harjanne, it comes to within inches of the trees before finding traction and hurtling toward the horizon at a rate physicists might well describe as 'impossible'*. But not before spraying everything in a 50-yard radius with a liberal coating of mud, of course.

This is the Evo II version, with the massive rear wing, massive chin spoiler and massive power. In fact, the only thing that is not massive about this car is its, well, mass. A tiny hatchback with 500bhp-plus? On mud? Incredible. Ah, those were the days, etc...

*this may be an exaggeration

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  • Old Merc 05 Apr 2011

    Fancy that lot in the boot of your Peugeot?? Don`t forget this was 25yrs ago! I know Audi where the first with 4WD but it was Peugeot who stole the show and every one followed their example.That era was totally outrageous and awesome.

  • chrisga 05 Apr 2011

    sledge68 said:
    Ive got a t16 road car, power is very peaky and feels very fragile but great fun to drive
    Awesome. Wow. Any pics of your car pls?

  • Ahonen 04 Apr 2011

    Jerry Can said:
    fairly certain that the roll cage rumour was something to do with the Le Mans Porsche 917's i think, and the fire extinguishers were changed at every service with the group A delta not the group b.
    You're right about the 917s. That's a whole other story...

    Group B Deltas had the special fire extinguishers too. An old colleague of mine, who definitely knew about such things on account of around 20 years of top line rally mechanic experience, told me many years ago.

  • HereBeMonsters 04 Apr 2011

    Flood said:
    Is it in the readers cars section? If not, why not?!
    sledge68 said:
    not thought about putting it in there, the car is in france at the moment.
    i will look into doing that
    Could you also look at bringing it back to the UK and letting me have a sit in it? I've wanted one as long as I can remember, I've not even seen a road-going version in the flesh...

  • bobberz 04 Apr 2011

    Ooh, love this! The Renault 5 Turbo II was pretty cool, too. Something about the idea of a mid engine hatch... Hatchbacks are practical machines. Put a stonking turbo engine in the back, however, and any pretense of practicality is lost. They're just mad, that's why I love 'em!

    Saw one of these in the "online car dealership" in GT5, but it's nearly Cr.3,000,000, and I already committed to buying the Panoz Esperante GTLM. I think in GT4 it was like Cr.400,000. That's some inflation in GranTurismoland!

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