Pic Of The Week: Porsche 911 Through Time

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The Frankfurt debut earlier this week of the latest Porsche 911 reminded us that there are few sports cars out there with such a rich and varied heritage.

And that prompted the thought that it was probably a worthy POTW candidate this week for that reason alone. But what image to choose?

After all, there are literally thousands of snaps of 911s out there that could make the grade, from snowy rally action, to beautifully detailed studio shoots, to cheesy 1980s promotional shots - and everything in between.

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So, after an extended virtual rummage through Porsche's own archive of images, we've picked out two that, although rather esoteric, we hope convey the all-things-to-all-men (and women) spirit of the 911...

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  • spenny_b 21 Sep 2011

    turbo-ww said:
    spenny_b said:
    Interesting Stuff
    Top anoraking thumbup
    Thank you squire! biggrinnerd

    The amount of bedtime reading I did a few months ago....glad that some of it (unusually for me) stuck!

  • turbo-ww 20 Sep 2011

    spenny_b said:
    Interesting Stuff
    Top anoraking thumbup

  • NumberoftheBeast 20 Sep 2011

    These pics show why I love the 911. The classic shape evolves ever so succinctly, retaining that authentic and distinctive styling.

    I think that the older a 911 gets, the cooler it gets.

  • spenny_b 20 Sep 2011

    ADEuk said:
    gethyped said:
    3rd picture is a 964 turbo about a 1991-94 vintage i reckon.
    yes or a 965 in anorak speak nerd
    Not quite - the 965 was an aborted project when Porsche were financially strapped in the early 90's (according to Frere's book, iirc). Although my 964T does have a fair number of 965.xxx.xxx part numbered parts. The 964 Turbo was a slightly rushed out model to quickly get some revenue on the books. This followed Porsches statement some years before that the 930 generation Turbo was "the last they'd be making"....folk went out an acquired the 930's, no doubt at great expense, assuming they'd be the last of their breed only to then find the 964 Turbo (3.3) launched in 1991. First 964 Turbos, as a result of being quickly put together, used the older 930's 3.3 engine (M30/69) with few changes for the first 2 years, then superseded in '93 by a turbocharged version of the 964 Carrera n/a @ 3.6 (M64/50)

    Anorak of Parker proportions is well and truly zipped up....

  • rockymount 19 Sep 2011

    soad said:

    Ooh, I like this one cloud9

    Yep, not bad is it wink. Very atmospheric, must be the menacing sky and the ‘almost’ three ‘virgin’ white cars angel, tanking it down the ‘devils’ straight evil .

    Biggest pic I could find of it was here;


    this side view of their rear ends is quite good as well;

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