Pic of the Week: Porsche 917 at Le Mans

What with the new-found spirit of co-operation between the Le Mans-organising ACO and the FIA, hopes are high that we are on the cusp of a new 'golden age' of sports car racing.

Which has inevitably got us thinking about other golden eras of endurance racing. And the halcyon days of the Porsche 917 has got to be one of the golden-est. Porsche, Martini livery and the Circuit de la Sarthe: does motorsport get any more evocative than this?

If you like this image, then you should pop along to Porsche's Facebook page (whence this image comes); they've been on a bit of a nostalgia trip too, posting up albums from Le Mans in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Which is nice of them.

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  • dinkel 02 Jan 2012

    Spa6 2006.

  • TJS10 01 Jan 2012

    The Porsche 917 is an iconic, beautiful,and ultimately successful racing car which has been and still a subject for various artists and photographers around the world. Various links attached which will help you waste another 30 minutes of your life.








  • rockymount 31 Dec 2011

    SmartVenom said:
    TangoGTR said:
    Now if you have $7500 how about a 917 sofa LOL

    Edited by TangoGTR on Friday 30th December 13:39
    I want that sofa! Just not quite sure how to explain that to the girlfriend...
    Hi TangoGTR – just explain to your girlfriend that ‘orange’ is your favourite colour and that with this modern and contemporary design platform you would feel like you’re going 250 MPH while sitting still, reading your latest instalment of EVO “Porsche Supercars” magazine (or should that be NUTS ??? – just kidding biggrin).

    and to ‘really’ get her on your side, tell her that she could complement the sofa with six of these Torgny Fjeldskaar’s Motorsports carbon fiber Ch.Air’s by Swiss-based furniture brand Laisr, for when you have guests around for dinner ;

    ……. and at 2000 Euro’s a throw , they’d be a snip at £10,000 eek - HAPPY NEW YEAR... wink

  • rob1234 31 Dec 2011

    PS Can we have this one in high-res too?!

  • rob1234 31 Dec 2011

    Wasn't this Vimeo one was it?


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