Pic Of The Week: Spa, How We Love Thee

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Ah, Spa-Francorchamps. The smell of pine carried on the misty Ardennes forest air, augmented by a whiff of tyre smoke or burned oil, the scream of an engine at full-tilt through Eau Rouge... The sound of local residents complaining...

Fortunately that dispute has since been settled, and this weekend will play host to the wonderful nostalgia fest that is the Spa Six Hours, a weekend of racing that celebrates GT cars, touring cars and single-seat racers of yesteryear (get you PH discount here).

The cars you see here are actually from the 1971 Spa 24 hour race, then part of the European Touring Car Championship, and so aren't actually quite the sort of thing you'll see hammering around Spa this weekend, but we think it's a nice spot of black and white racing action and more than worthy of a Spa-based POTW...

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Comments (24) Join the discussion on the forum

  • dave stew 27 Sep 2011

    I've uploaded this one to my desktop and it's a reet good 'un when half covered with desktop icons...

    Anyway, as a closet Ford RS fan (RS Owner's Club magazine editor from 1989 - 1993...) I'm very impressed by that RS3100 out front.

  • rumple 25 Sep 2011

    capri won this one, number 22 in the picture, did 311 laps, 2nd place did 308 so pretty quick

  • rumple 24 Sep 2011

    the capri is the one for me, awesome racer in its day

  • bobberz 24 Sep 2011

    HebdenHedgehog said:
    Great shot!

    No-one going to spot all the cars?

    Is that an Alfa 4 / 5 th back?
    1. Ford Capri
    2. 2nd gen Chevy Camaro
    3. Mercedes AMG "Red Pig"
    4. Ford Escort Mk1
    5. Opel Kadett (?)
    6. BMW 1600/2002
    7. Alfa Guilia GTV (?) (the white car just behind the BMW)

  • bobberz 24 Sep 2011

    mikial said:

    Ahh, the memories...my Z28 circa 1976 in downtown Thornton Heath, south London.
    Very nice! Must've been quite the sight on British roadways back then! smile

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