Pic Of The Week: Surtees At The FoS

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As we publish this, legions of PHers will be converging on Lord March's front lawn near Chichester for one of the greatest spectacles of motor-worship you'll see anywhere in the world - The Festival of Speed.

And if you're not going today, then perhaps you'll be heading south on Saturday or Sunday (unless you live in Chichester, in which case you'll want to head north). If you are, then lucky you, and hopefully this shot of John Surtees piloting the car in which he won the 1964 F1 World Championship (the Ferrari 158) up Goodwood hill last year will whet your appetite.

If not, then it might just be a painful reminder of what you're missing - namely the opportunity to get up close and personal with the greatest cars and people in motorsport. But even if you can't make it, we reckon this shot ought to make a nice, whizzy wallpaper anyway... so enjoy...

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Comments (18) Join the discussion on the forum

  • trackerjack 03 Jul 2011

    John Surtees is not knighted! why not?
    I was there today and Friday and WOW what an event, the bikes and cars plus the smell of Castrol R as it wafts in the air taking me back to a child and my father taking me to a motorbike scramble.
    These days motoring enthusiasts are likened to criminals but all the mechanics leave their tools and all the cars can be touched, even the litter was minimal.
    The right crowd and no crowding.
    Motorsport enthusiasts............my kind of people.

  • Merle 03 Jul 2011

    Last year I flew from California to stay with a very good friend in Newbury who generously drove me to the FoS every day (even though he had been numerous times) and he quite changed my life. The FoS spoiled me for any other event here on the west coast in this car crazy part of the world. We don't come close to you Brits. The following weekend he really completed my bucket list when he arranged to have me ride along in caravan with 4 911's and a Lotus to Classic LeMans. What else is there left to live for?

  • bobberz 01 Jul 2011

    Now that's proper! First really good POTW in a while. Now on my desktop! 10/10, wish modern F1 cars could be that beautiful; it all went wrong when they started mucking about with aerodynamics in 1968. frown

  • Dangermouse78 01 Jul 2011

    Just got back from FoS... was totally epic as ever

  • Wardy5 01 Jul 2011

    Bit less blur on it and it would be plastered on my desktop right now.

    Maybe that's just me smile

    I enjoyed looking at it on screen, but wouldn't want it sat behind my icons for any length of time!

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