Pic Of The Week: TVR-tastic

Not POTW...
Not POTW...
We reckon we've discovered a bit of a gem for this week's POTW (we say, modestly).

A day or two ago RacingPete, during a rummage through his desk drawers (he calls it tidying up; we call it displacement activity) emerged from a particularly deep excavation brandishing an innocent-looking purple CD.

And the words on the purple background? TVR Media information, along with a copyright year - 1999. This, then, was a press pack from the halcyon days of 1990s TVR, with the promise of some juicy hi-res images within. Provided the rough life of a case-less CD living at the bottom of a desk drawer hadn't rendered it useless, of course.

Click to preview
Click to preview
Sure enough, with a bit of careful cleaning the disc duly unloaded its jpeg cargo, and what we found has proven to be a bit of an Aladdin's cave for TVR fans, with Griffs, Chimaeras, Tuscans, and even some factory shots and Speed Twelve images thrown in for good measure.

We've chosen the Chimaera-at-sunset shot as our star pic, partly because it's the most atmospheric image, but mostly because Chim-owning Garlick has promised to make me tea all day if we use it...

Oh, and we've also popped a selection of the CD's other highlights for your perusal below, because we're nice like that.

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WideScreen (1440x900)
SuperSize (2048x1536)

Update: By popular demand, here's some hi-res attachments for the Speed 12 image...

Normal (1280x1024)
WideScreen (1440x900)
SuperSize (2048x1536)

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  • TVR Moneypit 10 Jan 2011

    Zircon said:
    I can't believe that they are history - a car maker cut off at it's best with the T350 I feel........

    I think there should be a minutes silence for TVR every year.....

    Not a minutes silence, but a minutes NOISE biggrin

    And thanks to the excellent work by our regional RO, (kev63), there is each year at Chatsworth.

    Nice one Kevin clap here's looking forward to 2011 biggrin See you chaps there.

  • RichardR 10 Jan 2011

    peteA said:
    TimmmyT said:
    madbadger said:
    TimmmyT said:
    That bring's back some very fond memories. My Griff on a warm summers evening with the roof down cruising(sometimes more) through the English countryside, nothing could touch it when it came to putting a smile on my face. Everything I've driven since hasn't come close. I miss that car, I'm now wondering why I sold it!
    Shame it was so foggy that day.
    Lol, once the fog had cleared!
    foglights..? or main beam
    The 'driving lights' on my old S3 were actually fog lights (based on the lens/beam pattern) with their own switch but were wired to operate with the main beam. God bless TVR! laugh

    nightflight said:
    I was in the old TVR factory last week having some work done by the factory trimmers on my Griffith. It's nice to see the ex factory guys still working there in parts of the old factory, but also very sad when you walk round all the parts that are laying silent.
    So who owns the factory now? Didn't Peter Wheeler keep the freehold when he sold the business to Smolenski?

  • Riggers 10 Jan 2011

    The real Apache said:
    A desk draw? really?
    Arghhhhhh!!!!! One slipped through the (admittedly hole-ridden) net. frown (Now changed)

  • edwardtjones 10 Jan 2011

    atco said:
    If I recall correctly the black speed 12 image is a little bit of a fraud. They wanted a moving picture of the car but it hadn’t been finished it. So they built the car up and took a static picture then Photoshop the picture.

    I also have disc but I think mine is an earlier one as it has the white Speed 12 on it and not the Cerbera speed 12
    Ah, so there's a difference between the Speed 12 and the Cerbera Speed 12? What ever happened the Speed 12, was it raced? The Cerbera Speed 12 with the Carbon Fibre bodywork in the Pic of the Week is literally theUltimate Car - is W112 BHG that car painted?

  • EdT 10 Jan 2011

    What finish is the Speed 12 bodywork here? Didnt think the factory ever made a carbon Fibre one.

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