Pic of the Week: Waldegard and the 911

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We know we've been a bit rally-heavy with POTW of late, but when we spotted this pic of Bjorn Waldegard getting gloriously sideways in the 1978 Safari rally it was a bit of a no-brainer.

Oh, and our other excuse for using it? Young Bjorn happens to be grabbing a dab of oppo in a Porsche 911. Which (as if we needed to remind you) we've been mildly obsessed with this week in anticipation of editor Trent's first drive of the all-new 911 (though if you're reading this on Saturday we should perhaps say in celebration of said first drive).

And even if you're not a Porsche fan, you'll probably still enjoy Waldegard's flamboyant cornering style.

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Comments (26) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Active75 23 Dec 2011

    Because the roads were called sections rather than stages there was (then) no requirement to wear helmets.

  • Dr Evil 25 Nov 2011

    thewheelman said:
    Dr Evil said:
    marcosgt said:
    Photo does look a little staged from the looks on the co-drivers face and the way the pair are looking straight out at the camera instead of in the expected direction of travel.

    Nice shot though smile

    I think they are looking at the camera because that's they way they are supposed to be going. The dust trail on on the right was their entry into a left 90 turn towards the camera which they overshot and are correcting for. Still a nice pic!
    Thanks for making a good picture rather dull with pointless opinions. Well done!
    No need to be rude Mr. Wheelman.

  • DJRC 22 Nov 2011

    tmos75 said:
    The old master is leading the field of 50 or so cars.

    He was 20 seconds faster than everyone else through the sections of foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro.

    He is 68 years old.
    Thanks for the update smile

  • Terry Barr 22 Nov 2011

    MSport Calendar said:
    Was watching some YouTube videos of old Safari Rallies and most crews didn't seem to wear helmets, the nearest was a pair of Kenyan Sikhs who had turbans to keep them safe.
    Funny enough I was chatting to a woman from Kenya a couple of months ago and I told her that when I heard East Africa mention I always thought of Joginder Singh. I turned out that a couple of her uncles had competed against him.

  • N3V4N5 21 Nov 2011

    New wallpaper thumbup

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