Picture Of The Week: retro action at the 'ring

It was the Oldtimer GP last weekend at the Nurburgring and off the back of that snapper Jochen Van Cauwenberge sent us a batch of fantastic shots from the event. And while there’s much to enjoy from the more traditional retro racing, the likes of which we get at the Silverstone Classic, Goodwood and other events on these shores, the pics that really got us going were of the fat-tyred, big winged 70s Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft cars.

The precursor to today’s DTM, 70s DRM fields attracted the wildest of Group 5 entrants, all wide-arches, monster turbos and massive speeds. And the Oldtimer GP relives this golden age with souped up BMW M1s, mad Porsche 935s, wide-arched Zakspeed Capris and more besides. Picking one shot was difficult but we’ve gone with this one – the Scuderia M66 Porsche 935 K3 winner of the second DRM revival race. More pics like this are available to buy from Jochen’s Frozenspeed homepage but you can have this one on us!

Photo: Frozenspeed

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  • DrMekon 18 Aug 2012

    The TCR version of this is why I love cars, and particularly Porsche. I'm not 7 any more, and my tastes my have matured to appreciate a 2.2s, but if the Euromillions came in, historic racing in one of these would be what I spend my weekends doing.

  • Dave Hedgehog 17 Aug 2012

    soad said:
    Epic beast!
    indeed it is biggrin

  • LayZ 17 Aug 2012

    Was there last weekend, great as ever if a little bit down compared to previous years. Weather was great for a change.

    Amazed at how little attention this event gets in the UK.

  • Housey 17 Aug 2012

    I used to adore watching the 935K3's back in the day, they were such a spectacular race car. One of the best races I ever saw was the Silverstone 6 Hours in 1981, when Walter Rohrl was in a non K3 935 and won the very wet race (after Mass binned the 936 before the end of lap 1 and the new Lola T600 went pop). Each time he came out of the Woodcote chicane he would hold the 700bhp 935 in a perfect drift, it was utterly mesmerising to watch.


  • lazyitus 17 Aug 2012

    Stunning !

    Makes me wonder, did we appreciate these cars back in their day, as much as we do now? I mean, how much more romance is involved here through nostalgia? Just an idle thought..

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