POTW: Bentley is back!

There are plenty of tasty cars vying for POTW status debuting over at Paris this week. Most of them British, which is rather pleasing. And all offering characterful, eccentric and very different expressions of excess that pour hearty scorn on the general obsession with downsized engines, hybrids and CO2 outputs.

Pah! Life's too short say the Brits. Range Rovers for the country set, Jags for the cads, art deco Rollers for the antiques dealers, the McLaren P1 for the wannabe racing drivers and, for the actual ones, a privateer racing Bentley to go out and show the Germans what's what in the more gentlemanly sport of GT racing.

Who'd have thought you could make a racing car out of a Continental GT eh? But then you'd have said the same about the 'trucks' of the 1920s and 30s. And look what happened there.

So it's a press shot. But it's the best of British out of a particularly strong showing at Paris, which is saying something given that it's 'just' a regular car we already know with a daft wing on the back, lashings of carbon fibre and side exhausts. Yes, we're that easily bought. And here it is, cropped to bring the spirit of the Bentley Boys to the desktop of your choosing.

Tally ho!

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  • Zad 01 Oct 2012

    Here is an alternative Bentley pic, posted by K50 DEL in http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&a...


    ETA: Big version here http://iedei.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/bentley-c...

    It looks to be part of the next series of Top Gear, with James May co-driving.


    Edited by Zad on Monday 1st October 19:57

  • pSyCoSiS 01 Oct 2012

    That GT Racer looks stunning!

  • kazino 29 Sep 2012

    That would be fantastic to watch eating up Porsches and Mercs, wonder what the interior looks like

  • MoelyCrio 28 Sep 2012

    trando said:
    Garlick said:
    Footballers: Too much money + no taste = the kind of abomination you see here....
    Correction: Premiership footballer with proud traveler roots = the kind of abomination you see here....

    Stephen Ireland has form

    Not that I'm jealous...

  • gary71 28 Sep 2012

    u81922 said:
    Someone's been asleep at the wheel! Bentley is German now, Jaguar and Landrover are Indian. Only McLaren is vaguely British.
    Tell that to all the thousands of people that design, engineer and build these cars in the UK wink

    More pics available here in resolutions so big you could decorate your house in...smile


    edited to add photos link

    Edited by gary71 on Friday 28th September 22:11

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