POTW: Jag XJS at Goodwood

The cloud of tyre smoke left by Morgan's Matt Humphreys in the Plus 8 looked like a good bet for the coveted 'most spirited getaway' award from Wednesday's Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival press day. But it seems he was pipped to the celebrated title by Alex Buncombe in the mighty V12 XJS, recorded in fine style in this super crisp photo from Goodwood.

Look carefully and you can actually see the massive side exhausts blasting straw out of the bales beside the track, this being the second time Jaguar has won this title after Anthony Reid set light to a set of rear tyres in the XFR last year.

And if the picture alone isn't enough we can combine POTW with Time For Tea? and share with you a fabulous bit of footage of Tom Walkinshaw manhandling the XJS round Bathurst. As the commentator says, 'here comes the boss!', this actual car - chassis number five of seven - actually raced around Mt Panorama itself.


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  • robert loomes 20 Dec 2013

    Hullo folks, I have a 1996 XJS convertible 4.0 as my daily driver (I don't commute but drive 15,000 miles a year). Mine is last year and month of production and though a "standard" 4.0 automatic, it was prepared and sold by TWR cars in Oxfordshire.

    It has all the toys my Jaguar x-type 3.0 AWD has, including 245 bhp. In an XJS for the road that's plenty. I'm not mean with the unleaded and the XJS gets 20mpg to the x-type's 23mpg, so no great loss there.

    Four seats, just. Huge boot. Convertible that doesn't leak and isn't noisy. I went out in a friend's XK8 recently and it is nowhere near as luxurious inside as the XJS and felt damp.

    Driving experience is of an old, big engined, rear wheel drive car. I have never sliped and slided as much as my first few weeks of ownership and it was uncanny after the x-type which just twitches occasionally.

    I love it, Robert

  • HardToLove 22 Mar 2012

    Bassfiend said:
    I have wood... smile

    No surprise there then ...spin

  • nikolarun 20 Mar 2012

    I will be doing Goodwood at 7th of May in my 89 V12 XJR-S smile

  • AMD87 19 Mar 2012

    PokiGTA said:
    I was 2 when my family moved to Bathurst in 1984. Have live with Mt Panorama most of my life and this is 100% the best noise to ever grace the mount.

    The current V8 Supercars with their 5ltr OHV pushrod engines have a good noise but are so far from the cars they copy. For instance there are no panels or parts on the V8 Supercars that can be transplanted onto a standard car.

    That V12 is simply awesome and it's a massive shame that Holden and Ford whined about losing to Ford Sierra's, Nissan Skyline R32's, E30 M3's and even a Volvo 242 Turbo in 1986 and then started the AVESCO(Australian Vee Eight Supercar Company) and moved from Group A to a frankensteined three class championship with Turbo's excluded to make sure that the Australian-produced 5.0 litre V8 engined(both US delivered) Fords and Holdens were the fastest cars on the track.

    And thus today we have the farce that is the V8 Supercars. Ironically in the recent 12hour Bathurst race the GT3 cars(Ferrari 458 GT3) had faster race times than the V8's qualifying times.
    Guess who just volunenteered themselves to be the ph hotel for the Bathurst 1000 winklaugh

  • John_S4x4 19 Mar 2012

    John_S4x4 said:
    The way it sounds when it blips the throttle is AMAZING smile

    When the next "Fantastic Engine sound" thread come up on PH, remember the above YouTube clip

    Edited by John_S4x4 on Monday 19th March 20:56

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