POTW: Maranello temptress

V12 Ferraris exist in a different plane from their shouty, mid-engined counterparts. Sure, the 'baby' ones have their place. But crushing GT performance, elegant looks and a sumptuous interior nestled behind a howling, red-headed V12 engine was a Ferrari staple long before mid-mounted engines and, indeed, the word 'supercar' were even commonplace.

And this week we present to you temptation in the form of a how-to guide to buying one of the best of recent times - the 550 Maranello.

Just in case you need some inspiration to assist in your deliberations we've got a Friday treat in the form of a gorgeous 550-themed desktop.

Our thanks to our colleagues on Classic & Sports Car for this one, this shoot for the Maranello coming from an in-depth feature in the latest issue (out now!) and photographed in fine style by Malcolm Griffiths.

So. Check out their feature. Digest our in-depth buying guide. And then, suitably fired up, hit the classifieds!

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  • NicoG 05 Nov 2012

    365daytonafan said:
    The older models offer a very different driving experience to the 550/575 (or any other modern car for that matter). I suspect after a couple more generations of Ferrari Berlinetta the 550/575 will come into their own for people seeking a different driving experience to whatever modern hydrid gas turbine quadruple clutch (joke) car is then on sale.
    ^ Word.

  • jkhamler 05 Nov 2012

    The 550 has always been one of my favourite Ferraris. Understated class and elegant proportions.

  • scotty_917 05 Nov 2012

    Beautifully understated...which Michael helped to hone & sign off (Fiorano handling pack), when he was first at Ferrari!

    I'm of similar opinion that these are undervalued at the moment...watching prices over the last 12 months...

    ...just need to convince the girlfriend of the 'investment potential' too!

  • Schermerhorn 05 Nov 2012

    This, in my opinion, is where 'modern' Ferraris started taking over from the Testarossa based F512M generation with improved reliability and touring ability all around.

    They are also mighty quick and as quick as an E60 M5; a car almost 10 years its junior.

  • Camlet 04 Nov 2012

    80085 said:
    Trev is on his period, and hence is talking out his ass, "PERIOD!!!"
    biglaugh Reminds me of the you can have your own opinions but not your own facts quote. Trev clearly hasn't owned a 550 otherwise he'd understand their attraction and avoid bizarre comments. Far from invisible, from my experience the 550 solicits affection in much the same way an 04 Vanquish might. Except a 550 is massively more competent and currently cheaper than the Aston.

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