Spotted: 2006 Fisker Tramonto

If you'd never heard of a Ferrari Testarossa, the name alone would probably make you giddy with anticipation to find out about it. The same might be said of the 'Ford Mustang' or 'Bentley Continental'. A car's name can do a lot. It can instil in you a sense of desire even if you don't know what it is. 'Fisker Tramonto', sadly, just doesn't.

Familiar SL given a dose of Fiskerness
Familiar SL given a dose of Fiskerness
This is a shame because, the Tramonto is essentially hand-built Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG featuring carbon fibre, a bespoke interior, and enough power and torque from its breathed-upon, supercharged V8 to take it beyond 200mph. On paper it sounds a bit like a Brabus. Except that Tramontos are even less common...

This one is number 10 of just 15 built and would appear to be the only right-hand-drive example ever made. Before Henrik Fisker (responsible for the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage to name just two of his designs) formed Fisker Automotive with the help of $528 million from the US Department of Energy and subsequently gave the world the hybrid Fisker Karma, he formed Fisker Coachbuild and produced the SL55-derived Tramonto you see here, as well as the Latigo CS, which had BMW 6-series underpinnings.

The Latigo did pretty well and each of the planned 150 cars were built and sold. They planned 150 Tramontos too, but that venture came to an end somewhat prematurely.

Fisker designed Astons you say?
Fisker designed Astons you say?
You'll be able to bid for the Tramonto tomorrow (Tuesday 10th) at BCA's Top Car auction (a full list of lots can be seen here) in Bedford, which is where I dropped in to have a quick peek. Up close, the Mercedes parentage is evident although the front of the car does also have a hint of Aston. The interior has also been beautifully trimmed and nailed together. Okay, the choice of colours may be a bit...challenging in this instance and perhaps the picture doesn't do it justice, but it really is a good place to be, and the standard SL55 cabin isn't exactly shabby in the first place.

Unfortunately a proper test drive wasn't possible, and a brief trundle around a quiet area of the enormous parking lot revealed little aside from the fact that the initial throttle response was strong to say the least, and that despite just 9,500 registered miles a noticeable 'knock' was emanating from the front somewhere, suggesting that something like a ball-joint, anti-roll bar bush, or rod-end has had enough. Also, there's only one stamp in the service book, which isn't great news after nearly 10,000 miles.

Interior re-trim not exactly subtle
Interior re-trim not exactly subtle
As for the value, it's hard to say what that might be when there's only one of them around. BCA openly admitted that they had no idea what it might go for, and declined to inform me of the reserve. A regular 2006 SL55 AMG could be had for not much more than 20 grand, although it's likely to have an awful lot more than 9,500 miles on it.

There is a similarly rare alternative to the Fisker, too. If you've already had a quick scan of the list of lots you'll have probably noticed that there's a Porsche 911 'Black Edition' (one of just 1,911 made) in there. I was afforded a brief look and it's in borderline-immaculate shape although again, curiously, the service book is bereft of stamps after nearly 9,000 miles.

Traditionally, the car market picks up a little in January, so it will be interesting to see what the level of bidding is going to be like. Expect keen interest in the 'Black Edition' 911. And perhaps bemusement at the Fisker...

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  • jamiebae 14 Jan 2012

    Well it went for £50k according to the press release from BCA, which they somehow calculated as being 170% of CAP Clean price. Funnily enough, I haven't seen a Fisker section in the book before!

  • Stew2000 11 Jan 2012

    Brings back the fun memories of watching Barrett Jackson on tv.

  • Small Car 10 Jan 2012

    Well done BCA for the footage. Can we have an auction channel if you / are finally getting PR savvy. Loved the bidding technique of the buyer....!

  • Bedfordracer1 10 Jan 2012

  • Luke167 10 Jan 2012

    Are my eyes wonky or have those LED light strips been fitted non symetrically?

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