Spotted: Audi R8 V10 manual

It's just another R8, right?

No, it isn't. Allow me to explain, because the Audi R8 range is a minefield. Every R8 is a talented machine. We're now so accustomed to Audi entering new segments and enjoying instant success that we take it for granted, but what the R8 managed in 2007 remains remarkable. Only the Ferrari 458 spoilt its claim to being the best mid-engined super-sports car on sale.

Clickety-clack manual is a delight
Clickety-clack manual is a delight
If the mix of manual and paddle-shift (R tronic) V8 cars now leaves a decent choice of both in the PH classifieds - and I would thoroughly recommend the manual - the same is not true of the V10 version.

The V8 versus V10 argument is much like the old 205 GTi 1.6 versus 1.9 situation: common consensus asserted that smaller was sweeter. I just never saw it that way with the 205, and I certainly don't with the R8. The V8 is fast and agile. The V10 will lay-down 200 yards of rubber in third gear. It's an animal.

The V10 is the most underrated car of its type, but it simply has to be fitted with the manual gearbox, because then it is the most complete driving experience imaginable. Yes the extra weight out back makes it a little keener to rotate and the increased spring rate takes a little comfort away, but the R8 always had some ride comfort to spare. But the key is that manual gearbox - what other car offers over 500hp, perfect weight distribution and the chance to shift yourself? And it's one of the great shifts too, much sweeter than a Gallardo's.

Conservatively it's lost £10/mile in depreciation!
Conservatively it's lost £10/mile in depreciation!
There's currently a glut of the over-priced, uninspiring R8 GT models in the classifieds, but the real gem of the R8 range is this car. It's good enough to make me want one over a 997 GT2, even if the claimed 0-62mph time of 2.4sec is a little optimistic.

Interestingly, the website lists more manual V10 coupes than R tronics sold in the UK, but the stick-shifters seem to come-to-market far less frequently. The owners must want to hang onto them.


AUDI R8 V10 Manual
5,204 V10
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Power (hp): 525@8,000rpm
Torque (lb ft): 390@6,500rpm
MPG: 20.3mpg (NEDC combined)
CO2: 326g/km
First registered: 2011 (61-plate)
Recorded mileage: 1,600
Price new: £109,120
Yours for: £89,950

See the original advert here


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  • Gary C 26 Apr 2012

    jon- said:
    You seemed to have answered your own question smile

    There's also the amount it unsettles the car. The best example I have of this is the V10 R8 vs 911 GTS at Portimao race circuit. There was one fast right hander which was just about flat in each car, and coincidently each car needed to shift mid corner.

    With the 911 GTS PDK box you could keep your foot flat, press the button for the next gear and nothing would happen. The R8 gearbox gave a nice little kick, which was just enough to unsettle the car and make you think about the change which added to the fun.

    In contrast, the 911 GT3 RS manual I drove at the end of the day I wouldn't have dreamt of going near the gearstick in that corner!
    Yes, as I started to type the response it seemed to make some sense. Kicks and quirks are fun. I had an EVO V and if you lifted to 1/2 throttle, it gave what I can only describe as a quiver, which you could feel through the wheel and the whole chassis.

    I also drove a 440bhp M3 with DSG/DTC/DSC/FKWE and it was so stable & drama free on the track it actually felt like a bit of a none event.

    (FKWE = f@~k knows what else)

  • K2MDL 26 Apr 2012

    I'll keep you posted - it's on it's way down from sunny Manchester as I type... cool

  • Dr JonboyG 26 Apr 2012

    G4HKS said:
    I'll pretend that the dash and interior doesn't resemble a 1980's Datsun as best I can.

    Mad? Maybe....

    Edited by G4HKS on Monday 23 April 17:55
    Lie back and think of the racing heritage wink

  • BlackPrince 26 Apr 2012

    kazino said:
    My cousin has the v8, and the engine really doesn't do it for me, it's the same as in the rs4, it barely outran my boxster and my 996 turbo makes it look like it's going backwards (that's a 10 year old porsche), the v10 on the other hand sounds amazing and goes like stink, would be the easy choice if I had the option
    Yeah but the V10 isn't even that quick in absolute terms anyway. A GTR or a 997 Turbo would blow it into the weeds in a straight line, but imo you don't get the R8 for straightline speed anyway, though I can understand that no one wants a car that feels slow (quite how an R8 V8 could feel slow I can't imagine but anyway). But oh well, horses for courses and all that...

  • Porkie 25 Apr 2012

    911F said:
    Where have they got 2.4 second 60 from?

    The brochure say
    3.9 to 62, thats what - 3.7/3.8 to 60?

    Epic car none the less..
    Thats what I thought when I read it...

    must be a typo from Chris.

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