You Know You Want To: Maserati Merak

Maybe it's riddled with tin worm and at some point in the first few miles of ownership some bits of metal within the engine stand a good chance of whacking some other bits of metal they shouldn't ever touch, but hang on a minute.

Utterly gorgeous and temptingly cheap...
Utterly gorgeous and temptingly cheap...
Doesn't this look like a lot more than £25K to you?

I know, I know - it's only got a 220hp V6 and the one on Top Gear was producing about half that, but just look at it. I think it's so pretty.

Black suits it well, as do tan innards. It'll cost a reasonable sum to stop it falling apart and you can pretty much guarantee that on the few sunny UK days you actually want to use the thing it will refuse to start. At which point you will become a proper 70s Italian car fan.

If, like me, you would love to own a Bora but flinch at the prices, the Merak SS must be the next best thing. This or a Focus ST?

Actually, don't answer that.

Why you should: Utterly seductive alternative to a modern hot hatch...
Why you shouldn't: ...the potential for financial and emotional ruin that any 70s Italian sports car threatens

See the original advert here. And while you're at it have a browse of some of the other stuff on the dealer's stocklist!



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  • billzeebub 02 Nov 2012

    to me this beautiful car only makes sense as a piece of automotive artwork. If I could afford to indulge myself purely at an aesthetic level then it is a great way to spend £25k. If I had that as a budget for an up front investment on a car to actually drive to places then an older 911 would be my only realistic choice. Whether a car of the Merak era or my favourite 993 variety..

  • cmoose 02 Nov 2012

    dbdb said:
    Taste in cars is individual; I find the Merak far more interesting than a 911SC, though I'm not sure I would actually buy either.
    Superficially, I totally agree. However, if the Merak turned out to be s shoddily engineered shed, it would get a lot less interesting, whereas the SC might get more interesting as you grew to knew it and its range of qualities and how it fits into the history of 911s took a hold on you. Or not. Who knows?

  • dbdb 01 Nov 2012

    365daytonafan said:
    Merak is nice but if you are going to go bankrupt buying a Maserati this is the way to do it IMO - Khamsin (yes I know it's a lot more than the Merak but it's a quarter of the price of a Ferrari Daytona!).
    The Khamsin is my favourite 'seventies supercar and one of my favourite cars overall. They're beautiful.

    Taste in cars is individual; I find the Merak far more interesting than a 911SC, though I'm not sure I would actually buy either.

  • iSore 31 Oct 2012

    kbee540 said:
    or anything made by Porsche. All immensely talented, well screwed together, and nigh on perfect for their intended role as rapid cars. And all just a litle bit soulless. Maybe it's the imperfections in old supercars that make them so interesting.
    Sorry, but for 25 grand you have the pick of exceptionally nice 911SC and 3.2 Carreras. Still usefully nippy, look great, sound great, drive nicely and they are undoubtedly a classic brimming with character. They were not perfect, but a good well maintained example is capable of being used on a regular basis without stting itself.
    The Merak looks quite nice in a semi forgotten £8995 sort of way, but it's nothing like as pretty as a 308GTB. And there's nothing remotely interesting in a £5000 bill to rebuild the hydraulics or whatever such a hateful pice of scrap costs to repair. A-g-a-i-n.

    Edited by iSore on Wednesday 31st October 11:14

  • markCSC 31 Oct 2012

    I think De Tomaso Mangustas go for around $100,000


    just found one that sold at Goodwood this year for £129,000!!

    1969 De Tomaso Mangusta Coupé £129,180

    Edited by markCSC on Wednesday 31st October 11:08

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