Street Ka

It's hard to work out whether people stare at you in the Ford Street Ka because a) they haven't seen one before and find it innovative and interesting, or b) they're looking for a certain small and perfectly formed Australian pop-star. Even if it's the latter, there are certain similarities with its cute proportions and perfectly formed rear.

You don't need me to tell you that the Street Ka is cut from a different cloth when compared to its sibling, the plain old Ka. Sensibly the exterior has been left relatively untouched from the first concept car shown way back in 2001, and we have Pininfarina to thank for the pretty shape.


There are some obvious Audi TT influences in the roll bars and chunky wheelarch blisters, but then imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and these details fit well with the overall design.

The shape of the new front end is mirrored at the back, which is graced with new lights as well as, obviously, a new boot lid. The reversing light is a nice touch, and I for one thought that was the exhaust pipe (a la Elise) until closer inspection revealed my error.

The boot is of a reasonable size and compared to other convertibles, the roof does not intrude. It's a relatively straight-forward process to stow/erect the roof, although some user participation is required, so its not quite on a par with the fully electric roofs.


Inside, the first thing you notice is that (barring the optional leather seats and trim) its pretty much exactly the same as the standard Ka. If I was being optimistic, I could consider this to be an indication of Ford patting itself on the back for having gotten it right first time, but in this case it smacks more of penny pinching. The standard plastic dash and fittings are retained, which means to get out you have to open the door by pulling on a flexible plastic lever. Nice. A few touches of chrome could have raised the ambience inside. Note to Ford - must try harder.

But hey, no-one else can see this while you're on the move, and that's where this car impresses the most. Keen turn-in and firm but composed suspension means that confidence comes quickly in this car.


In this admittedly factory fresh example, there was an obvious lack of rattles or scuttle shakes, which further encourages you to press on. And press on you would if it weren't for the engine. Duratec it might be but it's gutless. Yes it provides a bit of poke, but it would be nice if this 1.6l engine could provide more than its quoted 95PS. Up to a point it makes the right noises (if you listen carefully, but its pretty subtle) and tries well enough, but you just know how much better it could be.

Perhaps that's the point. This car is going to be bought and driven by those people who want to be seen in a convertible, but don't necessarily want (or can afford) an MX5 or 206CC. Its good (bar the inside) and should sell very well; the only downside is that if you've not ordered one yet then you've got a wait on your hands.

Street Ka from £12,495. Street Ka Luxury (tested) £13,645. Kylie is extra.

Thanks to Mr & Mrs Wright for their help.

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  • LuS1fer 12 Jul 2005

    Peugeot 206CC
    Peugeot 307CC

    Nasty woosy stupid and pointless. IMHO.

    A bit like buying a Triumph Herald convertible when what you really wanted was a Spitfire (and they were a bit girly too).

  • chrisrussell 02 Jul 2005

    DennisTheMenace said:
    Does it come with emergency hair clippers and gel plus curlers


    I bet it's designed to hold many "products" I also bet it has mirrors on both sun visors....

    don't knock hairdressers we would be fooked without em

  • cartie303 28 Jun 2005

    just been offered a new luxery street ka all leather all electric free insurance air con the works need to decide before friday 01-07-05 £10995. ford main dealer with full warrenties what do you lot think email me

    >> Edited by cartie303 on Monday 27th June 22:42

  • dnw 20 Apr 2003

    We took delivery of our Street Ka 3 weeks ago.

    It sure is a head turner, but they aint looking at me.

    More power than the Ka but then it is 200Kg heavier. Handles well on corners but up to yet have not opened it up as it has only done 380 miles.

    Ordered it 4 months ago without seeing it or knowing the spec.

    Well worth the money for the leather trim and 6 Cd player with 2 extra speakers behind the seats.

    Only complaint is that the wheels are a B???? to clean with many sharp edges, so watch your hands

  • DennisTheMenace 04 Apr 2003

    Does it come with emergency hair clippers and gel plus curlers

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