Thursday 12th February 2009

AJP8 Relaunched

Iconic TVR engine relaunched as Melling V8 with more power and better durability

The new Melling V8
The new Melling V8
The iconic AJP8 engine has been relaunched as the Melling V8 with more power and better durability. Engine guru Al Melling, who originally created the AJP8, has extensively reworked the unit to bring it up to modern emissions standards.

The uprated V8 will now be used in the Melling Wildcat, a new two-seater British sportscar. The AJP8 was the first of TVR’s own engines and debuted in the Cerbera. It had one of the highest specific outputs of any normally aspirated V8 at the time.

But now Melling says he has squeezed even more power out of the unit, although an exact figure is yet to be published. The Melling V8 will be offered to the motorsport world, as the engine has established its pedigree in the TVR Tuscan challenge cars.

Many of the engines only required rebuilds after three years of racing. The company hopes to offer the new engine to existing TVR owners as a replacement and says it is far more durable than the original.

The major updates are more power across the range, and a better design of the pistons and rings. The Melling V8 sees a return to the solid billet crankshaft and there is a completely new intake system. The unit features a new design of cylinder liners and new camshaft profiles.

Performance Figures:

Dry Sump – Race Variant

4.5 ltr

Max torque: 407lb/ft @ 5,200 rpm

Max bhp: 448 @ 7,200 rpm

Engine weight: 118 Kgs (Including Alternator)

Wet Sump – Road Variant

4.5 ltr

Max torque: 390lb/ft @ 5,200 rpm

Max bhp: 418 @ 7,200 rpm

Engine weight: 123 Kgs (Including Alternator)

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