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Monday 10th August 2009

924 Wagon - The Porsche That Time Forgot

1980s Porsche shooting-brake spotted

Is this for real? Er, no...
Is this for real? Er, no...
Recent web speculation (and dodgy photoshoppery – see right) on the subject of a Porsche Cayman shooting-brake has inspired a search here at PHHQ for other bread-van Porsches, and revealed this – the 924 Kombi.

Produced by a German coachbuilder called Gunter Artz, 20 examples of the 924 Kombi were built in 1980-1981, using a 924 Turbo as a base, with a Carrera GT-look body kit. Like in the regular car, the 2.0-litre slant four put out 170bhp and 181lb ft of torque, so the 1305kg wagon could shift a bit.

Now that's a proper wagon...
Now that's a proper wagon...
Gunter Artz also built shooting-brakes based on the 928, apparently, although we couldn’t find any pics of those. If there’s a PHer out there with one of these tucked in your garage, let us know – we’d love to come and have a look!



Author: Riggers

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